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About Kelly Bliss

Kelly Bliss M.Ed., A.C.E., is a Lifestyle coach who has been recognized by the National Institutes of Health as a national leader in plus size fitness and wellness.  She works with people all over the world through phone coaching. In 2000 she launched with over 3000 resources for living large in a small world.  This directory came out as a paperback book in 2007.  Kelly and her Plus Size Yellow Pages have been featured on CNN, NBC, MSNBC, FOX, CN8, Associated Press, Reuters, Time Magazine, and countless radio programs.

As a professional member of the Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH), Kelly helps people find what they need for “Health At Every Size” (HAES).    Kelly has been a personal fitness trainer since 1980, and a practicing masters level psychotherapist since 1987. In 1991, Kelly Bliss founded Work It Out, Inc., a corporation that supports wellness lifestyles and practices for individuals and groups.  In 1993, her action oriented, practical style of psychotherapy lead her to becoming a Wellness Coach.

Enjoy this video interview with Kelly...

M.Ed. Psychoeducational Processes, Temple University

B.S. Mathematics & Logic,
St. Bonaventure University

Training Instructor

ACE Certified
Personal Fitness Trainer

National Institutes of Health recommends Kelly's
book and web site in their publication Active at At Any Size

The headline of the article about me read: “From Vegetable to Dynamo”. Why would they talk about me that way? Sure, I was in a car accident in 1991, resulting in a head injury causing me to sleep 20-22 hrs a day. Yes, I had to learn how to talk and how to think all over again (fascinating!). I was not a vegetable. I was healing, thinking, planning, and figuring out HOW to continue to be ME, even with the head trauma. I was a dynamo that just looked like a vegetable!

I thought the headline should have read: “While She Was Sleeping”, because that is when I decided to mortgage my home to pay for launching my web sites www.plussizeyellowpa and

The internet, video, and books would let me reach people even if I was coping with uncontrolled epilepsy. Over time as I focus on my own healing, I also produced twelve workouts called Fitness with Bliss(™). I designed Healthy Eating with Bliss(™), Lifestyle Coaching, and wrote - Don't Weight, Eat Healthy and Get Moving NOW! My next book was a print version of my directory Plus Size Yellow Pages - THOUSANDS of Resources for living large in a small world.

While I was sleeping is when I figured out how to keep being my best self and contributing, even if I have many seizures a day.

I have given over my life to bring the message of Health for ALL Sizes to the people who need it. My work with large and very large people has saved me from loosing myself, while I was sleeping.

About the Author
from the paperback book "Kelly Bliss' Plus Size Yellow Pages"

As a little girl, I dreamed of becoming a dance teacher.  It turns out that would never happen, and, at the same time, it would happen more than I could have ever imagined. 

As I raised my kids, I decided I needed to find parenting skills that solved problems without hitting.  I learned Parent Effectiveness Training.  Problem solving became the main core of my life.  My children were my first and best teachers.

As a young woman in our weight obsessed culture, I developed bulimia.  Part of my cure for this devastating illness was self-acceptance.  Another part of my cure was self-care that included teaching aerobics.  After a national fitness chain told me I was too fat to become an aerobic instructor (at 127 pounds!), I developed my own aerobics program that was physically and emotionally safe for people of all sizes.  Fitness with Bliss™ was born in 1980.

It is my nature to teach.  I have always believed that quality therapy was, at its core, good teaching.  I got my masters degree from Temple University in Psychoeducational Processes in 1986.  When I was fresh and green, with my degree in my hand, they did not hire me as a therapist.  They hired me to lead a team of therapists and manage the unit.  In my next position, they did not hire me as a therapist.  They hired me to train therapists as a unit director.  I also carried a case load of clients.  My clients and my staff became my teachers as we continued problem solving together.

In 1990, I decided to open a wellness studio in Philadelphia.  On my way to finalize plans for the opening, I was in a car accident.  I sustained a head injury that resulted in uncontrolled epileptic seizures, impaired my ability to speak, and caused significant cognitive impairment.  Wow, was that a problem solving lesson!  I had to learn how to speak and how to think all over again.  As you can tell, eventually I did re-learn these skills.  But, while I was sleeping 22 hours a day in a drug induced stupor (to reduce seizures), I got an idea.

While I was sleeping, I realized that I could continue to teach problem solving and fitness if I wrote a book, made fitness videos, and published a great big web site… or two.  It took ten years of teeny, tiny successes before my big idea came into being.  I had phone sessions with my psychotherapy clients.  I taught fitness classes in my community.  I continued problem solving with my clients.  More resources were added to my directory until there were THOUSANDS of resources to help people live large in a small world.  Then, after 10 years of recovery from my head injury and building my business, in 2000 I launched and

Remember that I had dreamt of becoming a dance teacher.  Well, as it turns out, I have been a dancer and a teacher all my life.  Instead of opening a dance studio, I became Director of the Real People Workout ™. Instead of teaching children in a school room, my students (and my teachers) have been my clients.  My childhood dream has come true more than I had ever imagined it could.

I invite you to pursue your dreams.  Continue to problem solve in your own life.  (I work with people by phone.  It is great to have a combination coach and cheerleader on your side!)  Take tiny steps and watch them add up to big changes.

Kelly Bliss’ Plus Size Yellow Pages with THOUSANDS of resources (paperback)What do you need to make your life work?  Get what you need to live your full life.  Plus Size Yellow Pages was built to help you succeed. Enjoy online, or order your own copy of the paperback version of Plus Size Yellow Pages.



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