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Kelly Bliss' Story

In 1991, while on my way to a meeting for the opening of my studio in Center City Philadelphia, I was in a car accident. My head smashed into the windshield. As a result, I was totally disabled with epilepsy for several years. At first, I slept more than 20 hours per day due to the strong medication. Over the years, I worked very hard on my rehabilitation. I refused to be the victim of my disability. I was resolved to be in charge of managing my life. I did. I am feeling much better now.

It took a great deal of creative problem solving for me to overcome so many obstacles. This same creativity can help you to solve the problems that get in the way of building a healthy lifestyle for yourself.

In 1993, while I was videotaping a workout for my own use, I got a great idea -- I could videotape workouts for others.  Of course, now my workouts are all available on DVD, but this is how I got started. Fitness with Bliss™ is a series of workouts on DVD and VHS video that is designed so anyone, any size, any ability CAN find a workout that is right for them. Now there are TWELVE different workouts so that you can work out standing, sitting, on a bed or on a mat.  EVERY body can get moving!

After my accident, I continued in a very small psychotherapy practice, working with only a few clients. If we talked by phone and I had a seizure, it was no big deal. We could just hang up and continue later. I became skilled at the art of phone therapy. It is different than therapy in person. In some ways, it is better. I find clients open up better in the comfort of their own surroundings.

Phone therapy evolved into Lifestyle Coaching. It is certainly is more convenient to call from whereever you choose than to go to an office. Clients get support and brainstorming and a clear focus by the end of each session.

In order be able to work with more people, I designed the online workbook: Healthy Eating with Bliss™, and wrote Don't Weight, Eat Healthy and Get Moving NOW!. Now you too can learn these unique, gentle, enjoyable ways to make changes in your life. Self-care and self-acceptance are the keys to improving yourself and your life.  Each one of us can participate in Health for ALL Sizes. 
I really do believe that... Together we can work it out!

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