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This issue will take about 3 minutes to read. Issue #02
Worksheets (you can use over and over)
Now and Later

In the Online Workbook, we often start the week tuning in to feelings and reviewing how last week went. I thought that would be a good way to start out this week's eNewsletter. After the interactive worksheet, I will explain the concept that I call "Now and Later". And finally, we will end with a worksheet you may choose to use during the week to help you notice HOW you feel when you eat.

Use the tools that feel helpful to you. Skip anything that you want to skip.
You are the expert in your journey to self-care and self-acceptance.

A worksheet to start your "Self-Care Week"

Today's date ___________________

1.) Thoughts on how I am feeling NOW (after last week) as I approach this week's learning experience: ____________________________________________________

2.) Actions, from last week, that helped my healthy living: ______________________________________________________________

3.) Actions, from last week, that I regret: ______________________________________________________________

4.) How could I have changed last week's goals to be more helpful?
(I will try to remember these concepts as I set goals for this week): ______________________________________________________________

5.) Some thoughts on what I learned from last week: ______________________________________________________________

Now and Later

When I stand up in front of a class full of lifelong dieters and tell them they will be working toward the goal of eating whatever they want, they look at me incredulously. Dieting, by its nature, means controlled eating and deprivation. Don't Weight for Healthy Eating, by its nature means UNRESTRICTED eating where your choices are made based on what you want. The trick is to expand your awareness of what you want to include the present moment and the future. With this expanded awareness, you tend to want healthier foods in more reasonable amounts.

I use the phrase "now and later" to refer to your awareness of your present experience of eating AND how you will feel later. For example, when you sit down to eat a meal, you enjoy the flavor, aroma, and feel of the food as you eat. (Good! That is "savoring your food". It will be a tool you use in your journey toward healthy eating!) Later, after you eat, you will also feel the effect of your meal. You may feel comfortably full, or feel uncomfortably overstuffed. The choice is up to you. Do you want to enjoy your meal BOTH as you eat it AND afterward?

Learn about your body and your reactions to food. This is not easy. Life is so busy and complicated it is difficult to notice the connection between what we do and how it makes us feel later. This is a connection worth making. You can use writing to help you make this connection. I know, you may cringe at the idea of writing down what you eat. Most of us have been burned by diet experiences in the past that required you to write down everything you ate. That is why I suggest we do not focus on writing what you ate. The food is not the issue right now. Connecting to how food makes you feel is the issue.

I suggest you write down how you feel AFTER you eat. Notice what you experience right after you eat. Do you feel comfortable, like saying 'Ahhhh' with a sigh of delight? Do you feel uncomfortably full and like groaning? Yes, I am focusing on physical feelings for now. I do that in order to avoid the guilt and judgment that may be included in emotional reactions to eating. What about your experiences a while after you eat? After your breakfast, notice how you feel midmorning. After your day of meals and snacks, how do you feel in the evening? Be aware of your energy levels, your moods, your cravings, and whatever else you can notice.

Now that you are tuned in to the effects of your eating, you may be more open to look at the cause. When you are ravenous by midmorning, ask yourself, "What did I have for breakfast?" Was there some protein and heart healthy fat included? These are the foods that are used more slowly by the body and satisfy longer. When you feel compelling cravings for cookies, donuts, and other foods high in fat and sugar, notice what you have eaten in the hours and days before. Eating foods high in fat causes the neurochemical called 'galanin' to be released. Galanin causes you to crave more fats! Believe it or not this is good news. This means that you have the power to effect your cravings. You do not have to just cope with cravings. You can reduce cravings for fats later in the day by choosing certain foods lower in fat earlier in the day. What a wonderful gift to give yourself, wrestling with fewer cravings!

This is a fundamental shift in motivation.
I do not recommend you eat less fat because you 'should' or because you 'ought to'. I recommend you give yourself a more peaceful evening with fewer cravings.

It just happens that one way to give yourself this gift is to eat lower fat foods with better nutrition earlier in the day. Now you have a nonrestrictive motivation. You are just giving yourself a nicer evening.

Knowing how you react to foods will give you the awareness you need to choose to eat foods in the amounts that you can best enjoy "now and later". Do some foods make you feel lethargic? Well then, don't eat them before a high-powered business meeting. However, you may consciously choose to eat a lethargy inducing food when you want to chill out and do nothing for a while. After you eat some foods, do you have to cope with lots of cravings and urges to eat more, even though you are not really hungry any longer? Would you like to avoid having to wrestle with those cravings and urges? Then choose to avoid those foods! You are NOT restricting any type of food. You are giving yourself the gift of not having to wrestle with cravings!

Weekly Worksheet

You will NOT fill in all of this worksheet. You will only fill in as much as you want to fill in. You will use it to help you notice how you feel. You may write in more or less, depending on what works for you. Some people love to write feelings. Some people react uncomfortably to the idea. You do what you want. The worksheet is just a tool to use the way you -the expert on yourself- think is best.

How do you FEEL when you eat?

Notice BEFORE you eat, what are your feelings?
Notice WHILE you are eating, tune in to how you feel.
Notice AFTER you are done eating, notice how you feel emotionally & physically.

Write on any one of these. Write on all of them. It is up to you.

Tuesday (My FEELINGS before, during, or after eating)

Wednesday (My FEELINGS before, during, or after eating)

Thursday (My FEELINGS before, during, or after eating)

Friday (My FEELINGS before, during, or after eating)

Saturday (My FEELINGS before, during, or after eating)

Sunday (My FEELINGS before, during, or after eating)

Monday (My FEELINGS before, during, or after eating)

Take Care,
Kelly Bliss
Toll Free 877-KellyBliss (877-535-5925)
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