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This issue will take about 3 minutes to read. Issue #09
I am GIVING AWAY VIDEOS !!!!!!!!!! (During October 2001)
"I'm weight training!" and "I'm doing aerobics!"

A Special Offer JUST for YOU !!!!!!!

Here is the deal ...
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Yes, it is true.
Because of the economic challenge we all face at this time ...
Because the holidays are approaching and self-care is SOOOO important to a successful holiday season ...

I really am giving away videos.

When you order two videos, I WILL GIVE YOU THE THIRD VIDEO FREE !!!!!!!!

Just call me to place your order: 610-394-2547
You cannot get this offer online.
Right now, this offer is JUST FOR YOU, the members of my site.

There's MORE ...

When you call, if you wish,
I will give you a mini-personal training session right there on the phone.
I will help you decide which three videos are right for you.
We can brainstorm HOW you can get moving or WHAT to do next in your fitness journey.

I look forward to your call.
Let's make some good things happen.
We all deserve good things!


"I'm weight training!" and "I'm doing aerobics!"

You talk to yourself all the time. Everybody does. Listen to the way you talk to yourself as you go through your daily life. When you get up out of a chair and find yourself straining, you might find that you criticize yourself like this: "Gees, how did I get so big. I can hardly lift myself up. What a slug I have become. Etc." If you hear thoughts like this in your head, welcome to the human race. Self-criticism is normal. It is just not helpful. Thoughts like this will drain away your self-esteem and your motivation to take care of yourself. These thoughts hurt.

The next time you find yourself struggling to get out of a chair, I want you to remember something. When you lift your body weight and it is difficult, you are exercising your muscles very strenuously. You are weight training. Some people buy special equipment in order to work their muscles. You have your weight training equipment available all the time. Yes, this is a challenge. It is also an opportunity. Next time you push hard to lift your body weight, don't criticize yourself, instead APPRECIATE YOURSELF. Say to yourself: "I am doing weight training!" When you appreciate your efforts and take pride in the work you do, your self-esteem benefits. You boost your motivation to take care of yourself. These appreciative thoughts help.

Now, think about walking up a flight of stairs, up a hill, or even through the mall. Do you get out of breath? Do you get out of breath walking around the mall? It is so natural to criticize yourself at times like this. Frustration wells up when you want to get from here to there and your breathing will not let you. At times like this, it can feel like you are trapped by your body, like your body will not let you live your life. It is easy to feel bad about your body, your low stamina, yourself. Can't you just feel your energy and hope draining away?

There is another way of looking at the situation. First, I need to give you a definition. "Aerobic Exercise: Any exercise or rhythmic movement that causes the participant to breathe rapidly." Think for a moment about this definition. It does not say that you must be wearing spandex or standing in a health club fitness class in order to do aerobics. It says that anytime you breathe rapidly you are doing aerobics. Yes, whenever you find yourself breathing heavily on the staircase, on a hill, or in the mall, you are doing aerobics. This is a good thing. There is no reason to criticize yourself just because you do your aerobics more often than other people do. You can choose to appreciate yourself for using your muscles so well that you are participating in your aerobic training. And, the more often you let your body experience your aerobic training, the more fit you will become. Gradually, your body will be able to move farther and faster. Yeah, you may breathe heavily when you move around. Good for you! Change the way you think about your body. Tell yourself: "I'm doing aerobics!" Appreciate your efforts. You will feel better. Feeling better keeps you moving.

Take Care,
Kelly Bliss
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