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This issue will take about 3 minutes to read. Issue #10
If I Can Do It, You Can Too
Self-Care Heals Past Wounds
The Ultimate Spa Getaway for Plus-Size Women!

If I Can Do It, You Can Too

I read about people who preach weight loss. I hear hysterically energetic gurus of dieting and fitness talk about constant life-long battles with appetites, compulsive eating, and with food. The audience is told by the laughing and crying guru, "I am in the same struggle as you are. I have the same compulsions as you do. I am a compulsive overeater too. I have been my entire life and I always will be. If I can do this, then so can you." Time and time again the weight loss experts say they want you to join them in their struggles. They are fighting the 'good fight' against food and appetite. They want you to join them in this battle.

I am saying something profoundly different to you.
I do NOT want you to join me in a lifelong battle against food or against your appetite.
I want you to find peace with food, develop an active lifestyle, appreciate your body,
and get on with living your life in the body you have!

I invite you to join me in my RECOVERY from body loathing and weight loss anxiety. I invite you to join me in ending compulsive eating instead of controlling it. I recommend that you participate in the fun and enjoyable problem-solving process that will help you live your healthy life. How your body changes and responds to your improved healthy lifestyle is not under your control. That is a complicated process that not even the most advanced science has unraveled. Perhaps the way your body changes and responds to your healthy lifestyle is in the hands of something bigger than you. You do have the power to influence your lifestyle and your attitudes. I invite you to join me in influencing your lifestyle and your attitudes.

Yes, I invite you to join me in this enjoyable struggle to take care of yourself. If I can do it, you can too. You can respond to feeling better. You can accept yourself, care for yourself, and enjoy living your life. It is a long process. It feels good. I invite you to feel good.

Self-Care Heals Past Wounds

An important psychological effect of your self-care is that you can FEEL that you have put yourself at the top of the list of those who receive your care and tending. When you tend yourself in your present day life, you help to heal yourself from past emotional wounds. Everyone, no matter what kind of childhood they lived through (even an "ideal" childhood, like those in storybooks), has had times when they were hurt because they experienced unmet needs. Some were lost in a crowd of a large family, some had parents who worked all the time, some just needed more attention, some suffered abuse. These experiences result in emotional wounds. In your past, the person who was responsible to take care of you sometimes neglected or hurt you.

In the present YOU are responsible to take care of you.
How you treat yourself NOW
will either continue the cycle of hurt,
or will promote the cycle of healing.

You have the choice to continue life with unmet needs and continue to hurt yourself, OR you can choose to tend and care for yourself and heal. You can heal past wounds by giving yourself what you need, by taking care of yourself.

Every time you nurture yourself by meeting your basic needs,
you heal yourself a little bit from past neglects.

As you go through this process of building a healthy life for yourself, you are doing much more than improving your health. You are putting yourself at the top of the list of those who deserve your care. You are experiencing that you deserve your care. Good for you!


A message from my friends at Size With Style ...

The Ultimate Spa Getaway for Plus-Size Women!

Is your body feeling neglected? Are your feet calling out for a vigorous rub or a pretty toe polishing? Are your hands desperately seeking a tub of warm paraffin? Fast and furious work schedules combined with the pressures of family and other obligations often blind us to our own needs. Pampering not a priority, you say? Superficial and selfish, you insist? Think again.

Treating your body to the luxury of spa treatments translates into mental and spiritual health as well. And your improved well being can only benefit those around you. If you are the typical American woman, you are placing the needs of work and family above your own. This path of "selflessness" almost invariably leads to stress and resentment. We've all been there.

Comfort your body, mind and soul.

Take Care,
Kelly Bliss
Toll Free 877-KellyBliss (877-535-5925)
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