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This issue will take about 3 minutes to read. Issue #14
The Time of Your Life
Get what you need and go out and LIVE!
The 300,000 LIE that the media and medical professionals keep telling!

The Time of Your Life
an excerpt from Kelly's book, "Don't Weight"

Each day,
---each week,
------each month,
---------each year,
They pass by like snowflakes falling.
Falling peacefully, silently, at times,
Sometimes roaring past with a howling wind.

What difference does a little snow make?
Such a tiny thing, a snowflake.
They float past you as if they don't matter.

They matter.
---Turn around.
------Look behind you.
That mountain of snow fell one flake at a time.

Are you playing in the snow?
Do you have sleds, and snowshoes, and boots and gloves?
Get what you need and go out and play!
This is the time of your life.
---It is up to you.
------It matters
---------YOU matter!

Get what you need and go out and LIVE!

Of course this poem is a metaphor. In fact, I am encouraging you to think about what you need. Don't put off meeting your needs. Take one little action at a time as you work toward meeting your basic needs. What might those needs be? I don't know. But you do. Think about it. Does your body feel better when you move? How do you feel when you eat healthy foods more regularly? What about your emotional needs. This is a nice time to ponder your needs and plan small doable actions toward meeting them.

The 300,000 LIE that the media and medical professionals keep telling!

This past holiday season we were assaulted with reports from the media like the following:

"WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Obesity is reaching "epidemic proportions" in the United States, Surgeon General David Satcher said Thursday, and could soon cause as much preventable disease and death as cigarette smoking. More than 61 percent of adults and 14 percent of adolescents are affected by obesity and some 300,000 die each year from health problems directly related to obesity, Satcher noted."

Excuse me ... but this is a bunch of garbage!
This frequently misquoted figure of 300,000 deaths comes from research reported in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1993. The media, and now our top government health official are TERRIBLY MISQUOTING the report and adding in their own bias. Do you know what JAMA actually reported (it said NOTHING about obesity!)?

The actual quote is: ``Poor diet and physical inactivity in the United States are estimated to cause about 310,000 to 580,000 deaths annually due to cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes,'' JAMA 1993 Nov 10;270(18):2207-12 Journal of the American Medical Association

There was NO mention of the phrase: "obesity kills" in this official report! The media and subsequent misquotes have changed this statement to focus on weight when the real issues are what people are eating and how active they are. The media just assumed that anyone with poor diet and inactivity would be "obese" and that anyone who eats healthy and exercises would be thin. The fact is that healthy eating active people come in a large variety of sizes!

I encourage you to take the focus OFF of your weight and put the focus ON to your healthy living.
So, again I say: "Get what you need and go out and LIVE!"
your veggies, go out and play, be active, and enjoy your life!

Take Care,
Kelly Bliss
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