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This issue will take about 3 minutes to read. Issue #19
Fitness for ALL sizes and ALL ages!

Fitness for ALL sizes and ALL ages!
(an excerpt from Don't Weight, Eat Healthy and Get Moving NOW!)

"What good will exercise do for me? I will never be skinny anyway." Oh, no, another casualty of "The Lie"! All the advertising shows athletic thin people in the health clubs. The lean and perky fitness instructors look nothing like the average person. The fitness industry tells us that the main reason to exercise is to lose weight. The Lie is that you have to be thin to be fit and healthy.

The truth is that when people have a healthy eating style,
exercise regularly and reasonably, then some will be small,
some will be medium, and some will also be large.

However, the truth does not sell health club memberships to a fat-phobic society, so they keep telling us the lie.

Wait a minute. If weight loss is not the reason to exercise, what is? The reason to exercise is to feel better and be healthier! To demonstrate this point, I would like to tell you the true stories of three clients. Out of respect for their privacy, I will use fictitious names.


Betty came into my office at the mental health center downtown. She was an intelligent professional woman who was suffering from a mild depression. She had delayed seeking help because she was afraid of being put on anti-depressant medication. We discussed other alternatives. I asked her if she would be interested in trying a naturally occurring substance provided by her own body, endorphins.

Betty decided to start an anti-depressant exercise program. She added a daily walk to her life. This was not easy. She had to do a lot of problem-solving to fit a walk into every day. Each time she walked briskly for at least twenty minutes, her body would release endorphins. Since endorphins are the body's own natural mood elevators, she felt better. As her depression lifted she was able to make other improvements in her life. But it all started by adding enjoyable movement into each day!


Kathleen did not come to see me. Kathleen did not go anywhere. She was a beautiful super-sized woman who found walking difficult. Life was difficult. Mostly, she stayed in bed watching TV and reading. Kathleen's friend called to ask about a custom-made exercise video for her. I went right into my bedroom, climbed into bed, and started designing a fitness program to be done in bed.

Sitting up against the headboard with a cushion at my back, I demonstrated and videotaped exercises for the neck, shoulders, arms, back, abdominal wall, quadriceps, calf muscles, and feet. Then I showed a full body stretch out ... in bed.

Yes, Kathleen could do this work. Her TV was right there. Her own personal trainer was available anytime she wanted. Soon I had to design a workout to be done in a chair. Kathleen called her workout "Sitting Aerobics". The next workout using a walker was her favorite. I am planning a freestanding workout at the time of this writing.

I can hear the smile in Kathleen's voice as we have our weekly counseling sessions. She has changed her outlook. She now feels empowered to affect her life!


That brings me to the last client I wanted to mention in this section. As I was walking down the driveway to my studio, I saw a woman walking ahead of me. I have a long driveway, so I could not see her very well. She had on her short winter jacket with the hood pulled up. The bounce in her step and the youthful curves to her round figure gave me the impression she was in her twenties or thirties. Who could this hooded woman be?

Just then Doris turned around. Doris? Oh, yes. She was scheduled for a personal training session in a half-hour. Doris had been coming to my classes for five years. She had been exercising all of her life. Doris was seventy-six years old! As her bright eyes peered out of her wrinkled face, she told me, "As long as I keep moving, I keep young!"


How can exercise make such a difference in the quality of life? Let me tell you some facts about regular exercise. Think about your joints. You know that most of the joints of the body have cartilage. Did you know that your cartilage does not have any blood circulating in it? Your cartilage relies on a substance called synovial fluid to provide nutrients and wash away waste products. The only thing that causes your synovial fluid to circulate in your joints is movement! That is why we feel stiff when we sit around too much. That is why we have healthier joints when we move.

Now, think about your heart. Yeah, yeah, we all know exercise is good for your heart. But, why? Because your heart beats more slowly when you are more fit. What is so good about a slower heart rate? Blood only circulates through the heart muscle between heartbeats. When your heart rate is slower, you have more time between beats. Your heart has more nutrients available and has more waste products washed away. When you are fit, you have improved your own body's ability to strive for optimal heart health.

Finally, think about your life. So often life is filled with things over which we have no control. Sometimes it feels like we are being run over by a truck. Taking action to improve our lives helps us to feel empowered. Feeling like we can have an effect prevents us from being victims. Moving and using our own bodies is one small action we can do.

When you add enjoyable safe activity to your daily life, you may be small, medium, or large. You definitely will be healthier and feel better. Many scientific studies have proved that fitness helps people to stay younger, heal faster, and be more able to meet life's challenges. If you like yourself the way you are, you deserve the benefits of fitness. If you do not like yourself the way you are, you might want to get to know and love yourself through movement.

Take Care,
Kelly Bliss
Toll Free 877-KellyBliss (877-535-5925)
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