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This issue will take about 3 minutes to read. Issue #21
Even More Fundamental
Faith, Hope, and Love Breathing
Your Invitation to Our Class or Our Sessions!

Even More Fundamental ...

I realize that I usually talk about healthy eating, fitness, self-care, and self-acceptance in these eNewsletters. Today I will share thoughts on something that may be even more fundamental to your life. I want to talk about the very breath that you breathe.

Although I have been using these breathing concepts for a very long time, a recent encounter with a friend gave me the opportunity to put them down in writing. In the group therapy that I lead, our topic of the evening motivated me to read the little piece I had written on breathing. After seeing how useful these concepts were to the group members (and me), I decided to share these breathing concepts in our Online eNewsletter.

My awareness and focus on breath started in 1991 on the day of my car accident. I have a very clear memory of being on the emergency room table, looking up at the ceiling, and exhaling. I was overwhelmed with a dread of the things to come. I exhaled and I never wanted to inhale again. I could not face the aftermath of the accident. In those moments, I was desperately hopeless. I felt the air escape as I exhaled and I just hung there, at the bottom of the exhale and waited. I did not wait long. Of course, I inhaled. Life went on. I recuperated from the head injury. I rehabilitated myself from the disability of epilepsy. Many things changed on the day of my accident. One of them was that I acquired such a tangible awareness of my breath that I discovered something. I discovered a message in my breathing.

Faith, Hope, and Love Breathing
(an excerpt from a letter to a friend)

... These past several weeks I have been extraordinarily happy. Most of it is because of a kind of peace that I am feeling. I have had some really terrible things happen, but these things don't shake this sense of happiness. They all just float along together.

There are some tangible experiences I have had on a daily basis that seem to be at the middle of my happiness. I feel connected to the world ... no ... to the force behind the world ... no ... I feel connected to SOMETHING. I am awash with a sense of not being alone. It does not come from me giving to others so that they need me. It does not come from me depending on others and needing them. There is no action involved at all. Just being. I am. I am connected.

I can feel it most at these specific times ... when I belly laugh a big huge laugh ... when I sob gut wrenching sobs ... when I have a moment of creative inspiration ... when I feel waves of true joy or pleasure ... Strangely enough, there is even a way of breathing that causes me to feel the sense of being and connectedness.

I call it "Faith, Hope, and Love Breathing" I often use this when I am anxious or freaked out about something. I love using it when I stretch. My flexibility has greatly increased since I have used this breathing while stretching... it is like I am opening myself and my physical body to all possibilities.

Here is how it goes:
I breathe especially slowly and deeply. I focus my mind on the inhale. Every time I inhale, I notice how it is a specific act of HOPE that the breath I take and the life I lead will be worth it... that I matter... that I am, and I should be. I enjoy a focus on the inhales for a while as I clearly perceive the appropriateness of my existence.

I breathe especially slowly and deeply. I focus my mind on the exhale. Every time I exhale, I notice how it is a specific act of FAITH that after I let go of the air I have, I will be able to breathe in more air... it is an act of FAITH that all will be as it should be... that the letting go and taking in are a part of the cycle of life... that I must let go before I can breathe in again... that I will breathe in again... an act of FAITH that I am part of the cycle of the Universe.

Ah, the Universe. (My secular language that I use when I feel too corny saying "God", or "Goddess", or "Life Force".) It does not matter what I call it. I mean that which is beyond, and more than, and all encompassing ... that which is the other 90% where we only see 10%.

Here is where the last part of my breathing experience comes in, the LOVE part. After I have been breathing deeply for a few moments, I exhale slowly... extra slowly... I can FEEL what an act of FAITH it is... at the bottom of the exhale - I stop. Just stop. Hang there, at the bottom of the exhale. I can feel such peace... a oneness with the universe. In the peacefulness of the bottom of the exhale, as I have put my faith in the power that keeps me, I can feel one with the universe. I am not alone at all. I am just hanging there ... at the bottom of the exhale ... and I can feel LOVE. It just is. I just am. All is as it should be.

It is this Universe that has given me the laughter, the sobbing, the creative moments, the pleasure, and the very breath that I breathe.

I believe it is at these times that I get a fleeting glimpse of the divine... and I am part of it.


As a member of our Healthy Living Community, I encourage you to breathe your breath.
Listen to the message in your breathing.
That message may help you take better care of yourself and FEEL BETTER!


Your Invitation to Our Class or Our Sessions ...

For those of you who live in the Philadelphia area, I am now taking registration for the Spring class "Healthy Eating with Bliss". We will meet on Thursday evening, right after exercise class, in the same room. I keep the class small so each person gets individual attention. Call me right away if you are interested, so that I can save your spot.
Local phone: 610-394-2547.

For those of you who live far away, we can work together by PHONE! Just imagine it. You fix yourself a nice cup of tea, put your feet up, and dial my number. Then we think, and plan, and feel, and solve problems. Each "visit" your life meets your needs a little bit more. With every conversation, you improve your self-care and self-acceptance. Give me a call so that you too can Eat Healthy and Get Moving NOW! Toll free 610-394-2547.


Take Care,
Kelly Bliss
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