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This issue will take about 3 minutes to read. Issue #32

The Tastiest Thanksgiving Ever
Freedom Paradise

Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

The Tastiest Thanksgiving Ever
(You get to enjoy it now and later!)

I would like to remind you of three concepts that will help you enjoy your Holiday season more AND improve your nutrition at the same time.

#1)   Savor

When you eat, wheather it is a snack or a meal, really experience your eating.  Don't just slide the food past your awarness.  Instead, really SAVOR YOUR FOOD!  To read more about this concept check out the first Online Workbook Basics.

#2)  Rememer, they did invent Saran Wrap!

This seems silly to say, but it is an important thing to keep in mind.  You can enjoy your food now ... and then when you are comfortably full, you can wrap it up and ENJOY IT LATER TOO! 

If you go through the holidays thinking "This is the last time I will ever eat this", then you will continually eat more than is comfortable for you.  I call this dysfunctional way of thinking 'diet thinking'.  Diet thinking causes you to overeat.  There is no need to be uncomfortable or overstuffed during the holidays.  You can both enjoy your food AND stop eating when comfortably full.

On these holidays especially, it would be wonderful to feel your best.  So please, enjoy your food.  When you are comfortably full, wrap it up for later!

#3)  Hunger is the Best Seasoning.

When I was a dieter, I used to be either "good" during the holidays, or be really "bad" and eat everything that was passed before me.  Even when I was "good" at the party or event, I would find myself binging soon thereafter.  It was like I had been deprived and then rebelled when nobody was looking.  Actually, that is exactly what had happened.  Even the idea of starting to diet after the holidays causes binges.

Then I began to use this next concept to really enjoy my holidays.  (I also use it for enjoying vacations.)  I figured that one of the major goals of the holidays or vacations is to ENJOY myself.  I wanted to enjoy my food more, especially during the holidays and on vacation.  So I aksed myself:  "WHAT helps food to taste the best?"  "What could I do that would really help me to enjoy my  food more?"  This answer popped into my mind:

"Hunger is the best seasoning!"

So I tried it.  I waited to eat until I was hungry.  This sounds simple, but it was not easy at first.  I kept making mistakes and eating before I was hungry.  I had to practice and learn, but gradually, I gained the skill.  I got better at cultivating my hunger.  I became an expert at fine tuning my appetite

... wait "no, thank you"

             ... wait "no, thank you"

                        ... wait ... almost

                                         ... NOW. 

                                                    Now I am hungry. 

                                                         Now I will eat. 

                                                                Now the food will taste absolutly wonderful. 

Try it for yourself this holiday season.  Let yourself get hungry, especially during the holidays.  When the tray is passed (or before you put the tray out) you choose to say "no, thank you" or to take some of that wonderful holiday treat.  If you take some, you can wrap it up until you are really hungry.  Put it away for later.  Then,when your appetite says it is the right time.  When you are hungry, ENJOY YOUR FOOD.  SAVOR EVERY BITE.  When the last bite is not as delicious as the last, ask yourself "Why eat any more?"  You CAN enjoy your food now AND be comfortably full.


Freedom Paradise

When I was at Freedom Paradise earlier this month, I got a chance to practice my skill of cultivating my appetite so that I could enjoy my food more.  People have asked me about the food on the trip.  It was wonderful.  There are healthy foods and entertainment foods.  YOU can feel free to make the best choices for yourself. 

This resort is a great place to practice self-care and self-acceptance. This trip makes a great gift for yourself or a loved one!

The owners of this resort are risking a lot to provide plus size people, our friends, and families with a safe place to vacation.  If you want more vacation spots to offer plus size services, then you can help make it happen by using your vacation dollars at the world's FIRST size-freindly resort.  There is a great discount if you make your choice now and book by Dec. 15th. 

Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

If you believe in size-acceptance and "Health for ALL Sizes" then shop with the merchants who have invested in us!  Check out Plus Size Yellow Pages and find what you need at these stores and websites. 

You may want to check out these three organizations and choose to donate at one of these:

The Council on Size and Weight Discrimination

International Size-Acceptance Association

National Association to Advance


May you be well and take care of yourself!

Take Care,
Kelly Bliss
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