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Issue #37


Make Peace with Yourself, Not War

Get More Fit, (even if you don't have a plus size fitness class near you)

Fitness with Bliss Now in DVD!

Make Peace with Yourself, Not War

It is happening all over the country. Every time you turn on the radio or TV, every time you open a newspaper or magazine, you hear about the “War on Obesity”. Can you feel the increasing fear? Can you hear the buzz of stress as plus size people increase their anxiety over their weight? Can you feel the anger toward large people for existing, taking up space, and using resources?

Unfortunately, I can. As I work with people building healthy lifestyles, I see the casualties of the “War on Obesity”. Large people are learning to hate their own bodies more. Smaller people feel entitled to hate other’s large bodies. The war and hate are palpable. It seems more like a “war on obese people”. All of this negativity makes it harder for people to live healthy lives. The stress of this war makes it harder to succeed at self-care.

I propose that we END the “War on Obese People” and BEGIN

“A Campaign for Healthy Eating and Fitness for ALL People, of ALL Sizes.”

I wish that we would focus on the actions of healthy living, not body size.

If we shift the focus onto our actions instead of our size, then every body CAN succeed at the actions of self-care! We can directly affect our actions. Our ability to affect our size is much more complicated and indirect.

child jumping, plus size child, fitness for all sizes This national ‘War on Obesity’ has casualties of all ages, but I am most concerned about the children. Plus size kids are being targeted and teased at increasing rates. Thin kids are given the dangerous message that, as long as they are thin, they are healthy even if they eat non-nutritious foods and sit around all day. I want to reach out to all people, young and old, large and small and say:

WAKE UP! No matter what size you are,
EVERY BODY needs to
eat healthy foods and get moving!



If you want to help yourself, help the kids around you, and help end the war on obese people, then stop hating your body.  Kids hear what you say.  Stop saying body loathing comments about large people, including yourself.  Start taking care of yourself. You deserve your care!

For a 30 minute FREE Lifestyle Coaching session,
call me 610-394-2547.

Get More Fit, (even if you don't have a plus size fitness class near you)

If you are plus size today, then right now, today, there is nothing that you can do that will make you thin tomorrow.  However, there is something you CAN do that will make you MORE FIT by tomorrow.  Every time you use your muscles or do aerobic training, you will increase your fitness.  And every little bit counts toward your wellness and fitness!

There are lots of ways to get more fit.  When you contract your muscles lifting groceries or getting up from a chair, you are doing muscle toning.  Every time you breathe heavily, you are doing aerobics.  You don't have to belong to a class to get fit.  Think about your life and your day.  See if your can get more movement into your day.  If you can walk, then walk.  If you cannot walk, then check out the many sitting workouts, including SuperFit and Sitting Aerobics I & II.

sitting fitness, plus size fitness, sitting aerobics, Kelly BlissSome people really respond to going to a fitness class.  They provide structure and camaraderie.  If you have a plus size fitness class in your area, go to it!  You are very lucky.  I get calls and emails every day from people who are looking for plus size friendly fitness. 

If you don't have access to a fitness class that is designed for the unique bio-mechanics of the plus size exerciser (or the classes that you find have a weight loss focus that encourages body loathing) you can build your own class.

Gather three or four friends and find a place to workout in a social hall, large family room, or community room at an apartment complex.  Then each of you can buy a few fitness videos.  Check out the "Plus Size Fitness" on Plus Size Yellow Pages for everything from Tai-chi to Aerobics, both sitting and standing.   Pretty soon you will have a library of workouts from which to choose.  You might workout on Mondays and Wednesdays, or what ever days you decide.  You make a commitment to each other to show up.  You select a workout and enjoy your own personal plus size fitness class right in your own location!  This is powerful.  You will come to this mini-class because your friends are expecting you, even on days when you might have skipped it if you were on your own.

plus size fitness, Fitness with Bliss, DVD Standing Aerobics and moreFitness with Bliss NOW in DVD!

Yeah!  My videos are now available in DVD! 

You get up to FOUR workouts in every DVD Package.

What a great value!  These workouts on DVD are LOWER COST than when purchased seperatly on video!

Click here to read further descriptions of individual workouts.



Package One:

Standing Aerobics
Complete Workout Set

(four 30 min. workouts)

Disc 1
No-Impact Aerobics !I
Muscle Toning II

Disc 2
Stretch ( Small to Large)
The Form Workout

Package Two:

Sitting Aerobics
Hi and Lo Intensity

(four 30 min. workouts)

Disc 1
Sitting Aerobics I
Stretch for Larger People

Disc 2
Sitting Aerobics II
Muscle Toning I

Package Three:

Standing Aerobics
Higher Intensity
with Fitness PLUS

Disc 1
Fitness PLUS - One Hour Workout
With aerobics, muscle tone, and stretch for plus size people

Disc 2
No-Impact Aerobics III- 30 min
Stretch ( Small to Large) -30 min

Fitness PLUS, Kelly Bliss, plus size fitness, exercise, bbw exercise, bbw fitness

Package Four:

Sitting Aerobics
Including SuperFit
with Lynn McAfee

Disc 1
SuperFit - One Hour Workout
With aerobics, muscle tone, and stretch for very large people

Disc 2
The Back Health Workout - 30 min
Stretch for Larger People - 30 min

Super size fitness, SuperFit, Lynn McAfee, Kelly Bliss


Order your DVD package for only $59! 

Any questions?  Call my personal line: 610-394-254

Take Care,
Kelly Bliss
Toll Free 877-KellyBliss (877-535-5925)

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