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Issue #38


Help Yourself ... and help plus size people live healthier lives too!

New Study Shows FITNESS Affects Health MORE Than Body Size!

Fitness with Bliss Now in DVD!

Help Yourself ... and help plus size people live healthier lives too!

When you shop Plus Size Yellow Pages FIRST and click on my affiliate links, I give a portion of the proceeds to organizations that help plus size people to live healthier lives.  YES, every time you shop online you have a chance to help the "Health at Every Size" movement! (Well, actually, you also help me pay the second mortgage on my house that financed my web sites)

plus size shopping, plus size directory, donate to size-acceptance movement

Here is how it works:  When you need office supplies, clothes, rugs, DVD players, computers, bedding, or ANYTHING ...  go to Plus Size Yellow Pages FIRST and click on your favorite site from there (instead of going directly to the site). 


We can help promote Health At Every Size!

To make it even easier for you to shop, here are a few links
to get you started.  When you shop by clicking on these links
(or on Plus Size Yellow Pages)  You help yourself with GREAT
bargains and you help others too!

Get your books using my link to Amazon or

I got laser printer toner at Amazon for 80% off!

Get your office supplies at Viking or Office Max

For VITAMINS and health aids go to Vitacost

And, last but not least, you gotta check out Overstock

80% off

blue sheets

I bought the most amazing 600 thread count sheets from Overstock.  They cost about the same as regular budget sheets!  Oh, my gawd!  What luxury!
So remember to take care of yourself. 
And when you shop, go to Plus Size Yellow Pages FIRST so that you can help promote "Health At Every Size"!

New Study Shows FITNESS Affects Health MORE Than Body Size!

You are going to enjoy reading this article by Sandy Szwarc, RN, BSN, CCP that takes the mystery out of some recent studies on fitness and fatness.

This article by Mike Garrison is titled "Fitness level may be more accurate than obesity in predicting cardiovascular disease risk in women ".   It is a little drier, but it shows clearly that it is FITNESS not fatness that is important to heart health.

plus size fitness, Fitness with Bliss, DVD Standing Aerobics and moreFitness with Bliss NOW in DVD!

Yeah!  My videos are now available in DVD! 

You get up to FOUR workouts

in every DVD Package.

What a great value!  These workouts on DVD are LOWER COST than when purchased seperatly as videos!

Click here to read further descriptions of individual workouts.

Package One:

Standing Aerobics
Complete Workout Set

(four 30 min. workouts)

Disc 1
No-Impact Aerobics !I
Muscle Toning II

Disc 2
Stretch ( Small to Large)
The Form Workout

Package Two:

Sitting Aerobics
Hi and Lo Intensity

(four 30 min. workouts)

Disc 1
Sitting Aerobics I
Stretch for Larger People

Disc 2
Sitting Aerobics II
Muscle Toning I

Package Three:

Standing Aerobics
Higher Intensity
with Fitness PLUS

Disc 1
Fitness PLUS - One Hour Workout
With aerobics, muscle tone, and stretch for plus size people

Disc 2
No-Impact Aerobics III- 30 min
Stretch ( Small to Large) -30 min

Fitness PLUS, Kelly Bliss, plus size fitness, exercise, bbw exercise, bbw fitness

Package Four:

Sitting Aerobics
Including SuperFit
with Lynn McAfee

Disc 1
SuperFit - One Hour Workout
With aerobics, muscle tone, and stretch for very large people

Disc 2
The Back Health Workout - 30 min
Stretch for Larger People - 30 min

Super size fitness, SuperFit, Lynn McAfee, Kelly Bliss


Order your DVD package for only $59! 

Any questions?  Call my personal line: 610-394-2547

Take Care,
Kelly Bliss
Toll Free 877-KellyBliss (877-535-5925)

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