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The Fountain of Youth
You still have time to order for Father's Day!


3 Steps to Shape Up for Spring
Journey on the Weigh to Self (tm)
Victorious Woman of the Month ...
Gardening is great exercise


The solution is in the system
Study shows why exercise boosts brainpower
Kelly Bliss' Plus Size Yellow Pages is now a paperback book.
Gardening is great exercise


"Women who accept their bodies are more likely to eat healthy"
You are invited to tonight's chat
Kids hear what you say, and they believe it!


Plus Size Yellow Pages Road Show!
The Four Cornerstones of Better Health
Internet shopping has changed my life.


The Big L.I.E. About Self-care
Oooo, Look What I Found!


Redefine the Problem -- So that it CAN be solved!
Get the Support You Need - Including the Healthy Lifestyles Chat on Tuesdays at 9:15 p.m. E.S.T.


A Better New Year's Resolution - TUNE IN to Self-Care!
Insanity is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over ...


Happy Holidays with the Family - or- A Recipe for Boundaries
You Can Still Get Holiday Delivery at These Online Stores!


Now and Later (How to enjoy your holidays more!)
Holiday Shopping ... Your Beautiful Dress-Up


Back Up, Don't Beat Up!
Promote Health At Every Size When You Shop!

41 Good Karma
Don't Be S.A.D., Brighten Your Mood with LIGHT!
Self Care Heals Past Wounds

Great Gifts
Our Fitness Class and I Were Featured in Philadelphia Inquirer!
Clear Science on Dieting: Sandy Scwarc Does it Again - Great Article!

Your Appetite Can Be an Asset


Do YOU Know of Any Plus Size Events?
Self-Care and Self-Acceptance In the News!


Help Yourself ... and help plus size people live healthier lives too!
New Study Shows Fitness Affects Health MORE Than Body Size!

Fitness with Bliss Now in DVD!


Make Peace with Yourself, Not War
Get More Fit, (even if you don't have a plus size fitness class near you)
Fitness with Bliss Now in DVD!


FREE Livestyle Coaching (or My Sore Arm is Your Good News)
Watching Your Weight is an Anxiety, Not an Action!
Don't Forget Dad


Interval Walking
Great workout Clothes for ALL Sizes


You Are What You Think
Get Moving at ANY Size


Balance Between Doing, Resting, and Enjoying
Have you Eaten Enough?

32 The Tastiest Thanksgiving Ever
Freedom Paradise
Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is
31 Finding a Size Friendly Gym
Support Your Body
Clicks for Causes
30 Beware the Diet Vortex
29 coming soon
28 The Time of Your Life
I Woke Up
A Dangerous Myth
27 Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Dinner MORE!
Savor Your Food
Your Appetite Can Be an Asset
26 Fit and Fat
Prepare Today for Tomorrow.
My Personal Message to You
25 Have You Eaten Enough Today?
Flipping the Coin: Finding the Positive
23 Eating at Restaurants: A New Way to Look at a Menu
A Menu for Movement
21 Even More Fundamental
Faith, Hope, and Love Breathing
Your Invitation to Our Class or Our Sessions!
20 Coming soon!
19 Fitness for ALL sizes and ALL ages!
18 Get Up Offa That Thing
Evening Munchies ...
17 Reducing Swelling in Feet and Legs
Your Appetite Can be an ASSET
16 A Call for HELP
Getting Started Using a Workout Video
An email of HOPE
An email of Success!
15 Fitness Tips for ANY Body
14 The Time of Your Life
Get what you need and go out and LIVE!
The 300,000 LIE that the media and medical
professionals keep telling!
13 A Gift to Myself (One of My True Stories)
12 An Exercise in Halves - Enjoying Your Thanksgiving Dinner MORE!
11 Coping with Cravings (or First, Eat Something Healthy)
Roles of Fat
10 If I Can Do It, You Can Too
Self-Care Heals Past Wounds
The Ultimate Spa Getaway for Plus-Size Women!
09 I am GIVING AWAY VIDEOS !!!!!!!!!! (During October 2001)
"I'm weight training!" and "I'm doing aerobics!"
08 There Are Better Weighs to Measure Success!
An Exercise
Your Weekly Worksheet
07 Bigger than Self-care and Self-acceptance
Coping and Continuing
A Ghost in Your Closet
06 Do It for the Children
05 External or Internal Cues to Eat
Listen to the Real Expert
Kelly's Internet Radio Interview
04 I Wonder
HALF the Death Rate!
03 Just a little simple walking …
02 Worksheets (you can use over and over)
Now and Later Issue
01 To Weigh or Not to Weigh, That Is the Question

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