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Some people think that everyone with a healthy lifestyle will be lean.

People with healthy lifestyles are all sizes, including plus size.

In order to clarify this fact, I have started a list of plus size people who participate in self-care and self-acceptance... they live a healthy lifestyle!

As a lifestyle coach and fitness professional, I work with people all over the country through phone coaching and video fitness training. I see people improve their health & build fulfilling lives, INDEPENDENT OF WEIGHT. People who live healthy lifestyles come in all sizes...

 "Health At Every Size" (HAES)

You can no more tell someone's healthy lifestyle
by looking at their body size ...


than you can tell how hard someone works
by looking at the balance in their bank account.


2010 Olympic Athletes: Fit & Fat


Olympic Atheletes: In 2010 every single man on the team weighs in over 200
pounds, with BMI's ranging from 28-31 (28 is "overweight", 30 is considered
"obese"). As for the girls, there isn't a woman on the team under 165
pounds, and the largest carries a BMI of 28.1, a mere one point away from
"Obese" on the BMI scale.

Dave Alexander

 Height: 5'8"   Weight: 260

Healthy Living Actions:

Here are some numbers on Dave Alexander, triathlete.

  • Body mass index of 40 (30 is considered obese.)
  • Triathlete since age 38.
  • Finished 276 triathlons in 37 countries.
  • Completed a recent super-triathlon by biking 448 miles, running 104.8 miles and swimming 9.6 miles.

Those are pretty remarkable numbers. "I am fat," he says. "I was born a big boy, and I'm always going to be big. And I'm healthy."


Height:5' 7"   Weight: 282, Occupation: College Professor

Healthy Living Actions:

  • 20 years of vegetarianism
  • Walking (2 + miles) and/or aerobics several times a week
  • Yoga
  • Cooking with fresh vegetables,
  • Avoiding processed foods, junk food and corn syrup
  • Eating lots of whole grains, avoiding white flour and processed sugar
  • Great sex with my wonderful husband
  • Not letting people’s assumptions stop me
  • Participation in Fat-Positive newsgroups and events

Jennifer Portnick

I'm 5'8" and 240 lbs

  • Get enough rest every night of the week
  • Dance at least one hour six days a week
  • Do yoga two days a week
  • Eat my veggies
  • Get acupuncture and massage treatments monthly for stress management
  • Tell others "no" when I am overloaded
  • Love my body

Name: Amy Herskowitz

Height: 5'3, Weight: 140 lbs
Occupation: health educator

Healthy Living Actions:

  • I don't diet :-)
  • I have never smoked
  • I eat a variety of fresh foods from ALL food groups,
    including my treat/craving foods
  • I do not label foods as "good" or "bad", nor do I label myself or my body as such
  • I "EAT WITH MY EYES" and make fresh food choices based on the deeper, darker colours of fruits and veggies (the darker the green, red, or yellow, the more nutritious!)
  • I drink a lot of water
  • I LISTEN to what my body wants and craves, be it food-wise, movement-wise, or rest-wise
  • I prepare my own meals and snacks as often as possible (this helps me to be more organized as well as stay on budget)
  • I enjoy a wide variety of physical activities (yoga, rock climbing, belly dance, swimming, running) to challenge my body and help me improve my mind-body connectedness
  • I shop for clothes that fit and flatter my curves, rather than try to fit into a style that doesn't suit me
  • I make sure to go to my family doctor for my annual physical exam
  • I try to limit my daily caffeine intake

Sue W.

Height: 5'5" Weight: 263
Occupation: Violinist / web designer /
author / medical researcher

Healthy Living Actions:

  • Haved one daily cardio 40-70 minutes (or more)
  • since 1994- non stop
  • do full body resistance training 3-4 times a week
  • I cross-train with health rider, gazelle freestyle, aerobic dancing, swimming,
  • trikke-ing, biking
  • I ride a trikke cambering vehicle and a recumbent bicycle
  • Competed in one swimming competition in 1999 (came in last in my age group) :)
  • Was invited to compete in the Senior Olympics regionals in swimming
  • I do yoga and stretching, daily (in addition to cardio)
  • I do not eat any junk food nor fast food and have not consumed either of
    these since 1995
  • Do not consume soda- have totally abstained from soda for 4 years, partially abstained (1/2 to 1 soda daily) since 1995 or earlier
  • I drink at least 2 quarts of bottled water daily and often more
  • I have taught a few aqua aerobics classes (as a substitute when the teacher was not available)
  • Mynutritional programis mostly veggies (no butter or oleo)with some protein and low in simple carbs, and some "good fats" i.e. Omega III and VI
  • I believe in, live on and tell others about HAES (Health at Every Size) as the ONLY viable alternative for people of size

Kelly Bliss M.Ed.

Age: 55   Height: 5'2"   Weight: 200
Occupation: Psychotherapist & Fitness Professional

Healthy Living Actions:

  • Eat lots of fruits & veggies, including overall low saturated fat
  • I am reducing my epilepsy with my meticulous ketogenic diet
  • Teach 3 fitness classes a week and Ride my bike 10-15 miles a week
  • I reduce stress with naps and yoga.
  • I enjoy tart cherry juice to stop the pain of my knee arthritis (caused by exercise bullimia when I ran 3 hrs. per day "trying to lose weight").
  • I have my low blood pressure & low cholesterol checked regularly.
  • To reduce the STRESS of the "War on Obese People", I speak out and write on self-care and self-acceptance, INDEPENDENT OF WEIGHT ... Health for all sizes!

Hi, my name is Lisa.

Healthy Living Actions:

  • Listen to my BODY!!!
  • Teach plus-size exercise classes
  • Ensure my body gets enough nutrients to have a high quality of life
  • Have regular medical check-ups (including pelvic exams, mammograms, vision/dental, etc)
  • Give workshops, presentation on fitness, positive body image and self-esteem
  • Ensure activity related events ( i.e. walks, etc.) in my community and workplace include a diversity of sizes and fitness levels
  • Enroll alternate wellness practices such as massages and acupuncture treatments
  • Write ‘how to’ articles on incorporating fitness into one’s lifestyle
  • Reduce stress utilizing medication and prayer
  • Surround myself with family, friends and colleagues who share my positive attitude on healthy lifestyle


Height: 6'4, Weight: 580 lbs
Occupation: Web/Graphic Design - Size Activist

Healthy Living Actions:

  • Use more Herbs Instead of Salt for seasoning
  • No Fried Food, Bake, Broil, Grill instead
  • Use more natural food instead of pre-made foods
  • Stretching Daily to stay limber
  • Weekly Outings with Friends
  • BBW Dance Parties regularly for fun and exercise
  • Walk Briskly to keep your heart pumping
  • Say Size Positive things about yourself daily
  • Reading for mental relaxation
  • Using my Talents with my Online Magazine
  • Remove negative influences and replace them with Positive actions

Kathy Barron

5'6", 245 pounds

  • I eat a wide variety of foods and a balanced diet -- and I love my veggies.  I have a very happy, comfortable relationship with food.
  • My weight regulates itself and has been stable for years now.
  • I do yoga and stretching several times a week.
  • I bike regularly.
  • When I have the time, I love to go for long walks.  I used to walk four miles a day most days, but life has gotten busy as I'm a full-time caregiver to my Mom and part-time caregiver to another senior.  Lots of lifting for transfers, pushing wheelchairs, very physical work.
  • I am very active -- running up and down stairs most days, doing lots of laundry, cleaning, etc.
  • I owned a health food store for eight years, so I'm knowledgeable about a wide range of alternative health practices and use my knowledge to care for myself and family.
  • I have an excellent doctor, chiropractor, homeopath, and several bodywork/energy work people that I rely on if needed.
  • I spend time outside every day connecting with nature and decompressing from the stress of care giving (which is a huge stress -- and something that limits my life in many ways, but is also very rewarding).
  • I love my body.
  • I have a wonderful, affectionate, intimate, loving physical and sexual relationship with my husband.
  • I enjoy dancing, swimming, tennis, shooting hoops, golf, and many other forms of physical activity -- and engage in these activities as often as possible. 
  • I journal my thoughts and feelings, which is a form of meditation for me that keeps me grounded and centered and balanced.

Nicole M. Bliss

Height:  5' 6"   Weight:  250 lbs 
Resting heart rate: 62 beats per minute  

Healthy living behaviors:

  • I am car-free and walk all over the place
  • I love riding my bike (with my helmet of course!)
  • My blood pressure is very normal at 118 / 70
  • I get lots of regular sleep
  • I drink lots of soy milk and most of my favorite foods are vegetarian
  • I listen to inspirational music and try new things
  • I like to belly dance
  • I am training to be a Nia workout instructor.  I have been doing Nia for 7 years.
  • I eat lots of oatmeal and actually like it
  • I drink a kettle of green raspberry or green lemon or green blueberry tea every day
  • I stare at my fish tank and meditate
  • I moisturize and I wear sunscreen
  • I write in my journal regularly
  • I buy cute plus size workout clothes that make me happy
  • I try to engage in big belly laughs whenever possible


Weight - 285, Height - 5'3"
  Occupation - child health advocate

  • Just last week, I reached the point of swimming a mile twice a week!
  • I have been attending fitness classes regularly for more than ten years.
  • I walk the stairs up to my office on the 6th floor, instead of taking the elevator.
  • Diet of mostly organic, local fresh products.
  • Make time for creative activities on a regular basis.

Lisa A. Breisch, Psy.D.

Weight: 340 lbs
Occupation: Psychologist Specializing in Size Acceptance Blood Pressure: Normal, Blood Sugar: Normal Cholesterol: Normal for both

Healthy Living Actions:

  • Dancing every weekend - anywhere from 2-5 hours
  • Stretching and meditation - daily
  • Yard Work - twice per week 1-2 hours/time
  • Stair climbing - four flights of stairs daily
  • Walking 2-3 miles on the weekend
  • Sexual activity - 3-4 times/week 1 hour (aerobic)
  • Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs - Daily
  • Regular Medical check-ups (dental, gym, MD, etc.)
  • Hypnosis for stress reduction - weekly one hour
  • Feeling great in my big beautiful body at a BBW dance for plus size people and those that admire them! Affirmations and Body Image Enhancement activities - weekly
  • Reading literature on HAES-weekly
  • Participating in NAAFA activities for social, education, and advocacy - monthly
  • Working with plus-size individuals on HAES behaviors - daily at my practice

Corinne (Cory) Kalat

Size: 5x
Occupation:  Therapist

Healthy Living Actions:

  • Physical movement and exercise - Yoga
  • Adequate sleep
  • Massage
  • Healthy, balanced eating / non-dieting
  • Regular health care check-ups
  • Meditation & Quiet time
  • Personal support from friends and family
  • Participation in seminars, workshops, retreats for BBW’s
  • Stress Management
  • Positive affirmations (self-developed and/or on CD’s)
  • Time off from work for self-care and renewal
  • Being with supportive, affirming and positive people
  • Serving as a volunteer to carry the message that beauty and health come in all shapes and sizes
  • Connection with a Higher Being
  • Communing with nature
  • Regular intimacy with my husband

Lara Frater

Height: 5'6", Weight: 235 last I checked
Occupation: Writer, librarian, activist and fat chick.

Healthy Living Actions:

  • No dieting, no diet food, no diet soda, no artificial sweetners
  • no corn syrup, no trans-fat
  • Mostly organic well rounded and delicious foods
  • Walk every day
  • Swim in the summer
  • Meditate and love my body!

"Fat Chicks Rule" by Lara Frater
"Comparison is the seat of all unhappiness." Buddha

Rulon Gardner

Can you imagine the healthy living routine of a Olympic athelete? Rulon Gardner and Cheryl Haworth were clearly Fit AND Fat!

Cheryl Haworth


Now, send your photo and healthy living actions to

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