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Healthy Eating Excerpt from Don't Weight

Eating Too Much for Your Body's Needs

If you use eating food to meet your emotional needs and sometimes find yourself overeating until you are uncomfortable, you will find this section especially useful. You will find concepts and exercises that will help you take better care of yourself and eat in a healthier way. This is true regardless of your body size.

Listen to yourself. Notice what helps you to eat healthy foods and take better care of yourself. Notice what makes it more difficult to eat a comfortable amount of food. Use everything that helps you take care of yourself and fuel your body with food. You have the right and the responsibility to build a healthy lifestyle.

We have all learned to use eating to cope with emotions. From infancy when our crying is calmed with milk to adulthood as we watch TV commercials, we are taught that food will make us feel better. The truth is, sometimes it does, and sometimes it does not. In this book there are specific exercises (that are enjoyable) to help you understand if and how you use food to cope with your emotions. I do not suggest that you just stop using food by employing willpower to suppress this coping mechanism. That would leave you with an unmet emotional need. That would cause problems in some other way. Instead, I encourage you to develop other coping mechanisms so that you CAN meet your needs better, in ways that are more effective than food. Then you will not only have a better relationship with food, you will have a life that works better for you. You deserve it.

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