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Healthy Eating Excerpt from Don't Weight

A Gateway to Eating Disorders

Why am I talking about eating disorders in the chapter on your relationship with food? Because "watching your weight" or dieting ARE gateway behaviors to eating disorders. Not everyone who diets gets an eating disorder. However,


If you have been on and off diets (any form of restricted eating) in your lifetime, that process has probably damaged you. You can improve your relationship with food.

This chapter is about normalizing
your relationship with food,
NOT finding a better way to diet.

In my local classes and on-line groups called Healthy Eating with Bliss TM, many people come to lose weight. Some of these individuals are anorexic or bulimic, some are compulsive overeaters, some just want to get off of the dieting and weight gain merry-go-round. We all work together. We work on feeling better about ourselves, taking care of our bodies and our emotions. My goal is to shift the focus away from weight and toward healthy living and self-care.

I encourage you to do everything reasonable to build a healthy lifestyle with a balance of good nutrition, emotional well being, and regular moderate exercise. I encourage you to work toward all these goals INDEPENDENT OF YOUR WEIGHT!

When you have done everything
you can do that is reasonable, then
you have two choices:
accept yourself and your body


do something unreasonable.

If good nutrition and regular moderate exercise result in your body remaining heavier than your fantasy weight (or some weight on one of the many arbitrary charts), what else should you do? Should you exercise excessively? Should you eat less than a balanced healthy amount of food? NO!

Whether you are 98 lbs. or 398 lbs.,
you should NOT exercise excessively or
eat less than a balanced healthy diet.

That would be pathological.

Instead, you should live a healthy lifestyle,
let your body find its own natural size,
and appreciate yourself as you are.

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