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Healthy Eating Excerpt from Don't Weight

An Unusual Exercise - SAVOR Your Food

It is always so fun to watch the reactions of the people who have been dieting all their lives when I give this first "exercise" in my "Healthy Eating with BlissTM" classes and on-line groups. After years of thinking of food as "bad" and appetite as the enemy, this exercise is quite shocking. It is harder to do than you might think, but it is fun.


This is a tough exercise. At first it will seem simple. Usually it will be enjoyable. But it will still be tough. You will be surprised at your reaction when you try this. You may discover things about yourself and your feelings that you did not know. Your first eating exercise is:

Whenever it
seems reasonable,

Enjoy the aroma.
Appreciate how delicious it looks.
Really taste it.
Swirl it around all your taste buds.

Experience it!

As you try this, you may find that you are more satisfied when you eat. You may be more satisfied with less food because you are really experiencing what you are eating. Most compulsive behaviors are about tuning something out. Often people eat to numb or distract themselves. This exercise is the opposite of compulsive eating. You are not tuning out. YOU ARE TUNING IN! This time, food is not an escape; it is a tool for self-discovery.

If it makes you more comfortable, you can also focus on noticing when the next bite of food does not taste as delicious as the last. At that point, when eating is not as enjoyable, you can ask yourself: "Why eat any more?" You may be surprised at your answer to this simple question. But, we will get back to that later.

Be patient, this is not easy. You will not savor your food all the time. Sometimes you will just scarf down a lunch because you are hungry and need to get back to work. That is fine. That is normal eating too.

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