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Healthy Eating Excerpt from Don't Weight


Emily found herself munching all the time. Her life was very hectic. She took care of the house, tended her husband who was ill, was matriarch of the family, and coped with her own disability. Now, it was time to prepare for the holidays. There was so much to do. It was both overwhelming and stressful.

Munching helped. It really did help Emily feel better momentarily. When she ate sweets, she got comfort and pleasure. Her stress, however, seemed to keep building. Her injured leg really seemed to get worse as her weight increased. Now she had the worry of weight gain from excessive munching to add to her other stresses.

What could she do to cope with stress and feel better? Emily decided to start preparing for the holidays earlier than ever this year. That gave her less time pressure. She did a little each day. That gave her a feeling of effectiveness. She could see the progress. One of the most stressful experiences we can have is to feel powerless. Emily felt empowered when she accomplished her task each day. When she needed relief from stress, she would find one small task to do, and then really appreciate herself when it was done. This helped her to feel better than munching could have. This was a stress-relieving strategy she could use often. The question was not whether to munch or not. The question was how to feel better and fix her life. She started by identifying her feeling of stress.

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