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Healthy Eating Excerpt from Don't Weight

Eating at Home: A New Way to Look in the Pantry or Fridge

I want you to imagine our ancestors, the cave men. We all know that the ones who survived to procreate were the ones with tendencies and characteristics that helped them overcome the obstacles of the day. Starvation was one of the main obstacles. The cave man who tended to walk right by a juicy root or ripe berry with no need to eat it did not live long. The cave man who responded to visual stimuli (who was motivated to eat whenever he saw food) lived longer and had more descendents. Human beings have inherited the tendency to respond when we see food. This drive comes from the most primitive part of our brain. Willpower cannot win out over millions of years of biology. We can, however, use our biology to help us eat healthy tasty foods in comfortable amounts.

When you are looking for something to eat, DO NOT LOOK IN THE PANTRY. When you are looking for something to eat, DO NOT LOOK IN THE REFRIGERATOR. If you do, you may be visually stimulated to eat whatever you see. What you see may not be what would be good for you. We have exposure to so much more food than the cave man. Our natural tendency to eat what we see can result in unbalanced nutrition. I have another idea for you to try. When you are looking for something to eat, look someplace where all the foods are good for you. Look someplace with variety and tasty foods. You will have to create this place for yourself. The good news is that it only takes a little of your time.

Get a piece of paper and write "Breakfast Menu" at the top. Now, think of an enjoyable nutritious breakfast. Start your menu with that breakfast. Keep thinking and add as many healthy, tasty, breakfast choices as you can. If you cannot think of choices right away, set the list on your counter and add breakfast choices over the next few weeks as you come up with ideas. What you will have is a customized, personalized, healthy, tasty, enjoyable menu of breakfast foods from which you can choose. When you need to decide what to eat for breakfast, open your menu and choose anything you want. Now, your inherited tendency to want what you see is an asset in your nutrition. What you see is good for you!

You can make your own delicious and nutritious menu for lunch, dinner, and snacks too. Some of my clients have added artwork or made their menus on computer. Use your visual senses to enhance your healthy eating choices. Use your own menus to relax and choose whatever you want from the foods you have listed on your menu. These foods are truly good for your body. AFTER you have decided what you want, then go and find the ingredients in your pantry or refrigerator. You can have variety, spontaneity, and healthy eating. Just decide what you want from your menu first, and then look in your pantry or refrigerator.

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