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Healthy Eating Excerpt from Don't Weight

What About Water?

Human beings are supposed to drink water. It's that simple ... or is it? You make a resolution to drink more water and a few weeks later you have forgotten all about it. You feel stupid for not being able to do this one little thing. You ask yourself, "Why is it so difficult to do something as simple as drinking water?"

Because it is NOT simple. It is a complicated process to change your habits. There are several side effects of drinking water that need to be considered. Nobody ever talks about the difficulties. When you think of a task as simple, it seems like anybody could accomplish that task. However, when you acknowledge that a task is difficult, you can respect your efforts as you work toward success.

Let's consider what is necessary in order for you to hydrate yourself. You need to have access to water or other beverages without caffeine or too much sugar. Where do you spend your days? Do you have access to water at that location? Do you need to keep a water bottle near you? How will you carry your water bottle? Do you like cold water? How will you keep it cold? See, this is not simple, but it is a task that you can accomplish if you let yourself think the problem through.

There is another issue that is associated with drinking water that is often overlooked. When you drink water, you will have to go to the bathroom more often than when you dehydrate yourself. I have many clients who limit their water intake so that they won't have to interrupt their workday. Think about this for a moment. Do you ever see other workers taking a break because they just HAVE to have a cigarette? Yep. Well then, think of yourself as being addicted to healthy living and you just HAVE to stay hydrated and go to the bathroom more often. You have the right.

Actually, when you get away from your work for a bit and take a short walk, you may even help your overall concentration, alertness, and ability to function. Human beings are not designed to sit in one spot for long periods of time. Getting up and moving is good for your mind and for your body. You will be a better worker when you take care of yourself.

There is one time when you do not want to have to get up and go, that is nighttime. Most people find that if they drink more in the daytime and less in the evening, they will minimize having to get up at night to go to the bathroom. Reducing caffeine in the late afternoon and evening will also help with this goal. Play around with your water and your schedule.

Get creative about how you enjoy water. If you don't like plain water, don't drink it. Forcing yourself to drink something you don't like will feel like a dreadful chore and you will soon abandon the goal of drinking more water. Put a slice of citrus in your water. Try it filtered, brewed into teas without caffeine, with a splash of fruit juice, etc. Find a beverage that is good for you and tastes good so that you will continue for a lifetime to drink the water you need.

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