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Chat Help

Use the info below ... or just come on in and "wing it"!

Note:  NO password is needed to enter our chat.

General Use
To log in, simply enter your username/handle in the text box . (It is easier if you use your first name as login (or a made up name if you want).

Click Login ... and you are in the chat.

Note: If the login screen does not appear, then you will need to download the latest version of Sun Java. Click here and then select "Download Now" in the left column. Follow the instructions to install Java. It's easy..go ahead DO IT! Then come back here to join the chat!

Note: This chat is open all the time, HOWEVER
the only scheduled chat is Tuesday at 9:15pm EST.


To communicate in the chat room, you may simply type text into the multi-line text box towards the bottom of the applet, and press Enter to send your message. Your message will appear in the content (larger) box above it when it is received by our server. Others may then read what you have typed, and respond to you. If you wish to get another user's attention, simply type in (or click if available) their name somewhere within the message that you are sending them. Their message will appear in a different color, and a sound will be played. A sample text input box is shown below:

You will notice various buttons within the chat room. These allow you to logout, request help (as you have already figured out), float/dock the chat room, turn on/off audio, specify color settings, and more. Buttons are described in detail in the Button Toolbar section of this control panel. A sample selection of buttons is shown below:

Certain chat rooms may have different features, or different layouts, depending upon how they have been configured. With some chat rooms that do not show buttons and checkboxes, you may access the features described above by right clicking in the content area where messages appear.

If you wish to exit the chat room at any time, simply click the Logout button. On some systems after logging out you will automatically be taken to another website, on others, you will have the option of logging back in again.

Button Toolbar

The button toolbar provides access to various features of this chat software. Some systems may have the button toolbar disabled to conserve screen space, or may have opted to remove certain buttons from the toolbar. The button toolbar can be found after you have logged in. Below is a description of each button.

Color Button. This button allows you to change your current text color.
Emoticons Button. This button allows you to select an emoticon from the emoticon popup window.
Audio Emoticons Button. This button allows you to select an audio emoticon from the emoticon popup window.
Timestamp Button. This button allows you to enable or disable timestamps.
Audio Button. This button allows you to enable or disable audio within the chat room.
Copy Content Button. This button allows you to copy content from the chat room.
Font Zoom In Button. This button allows you to increase the current font size.
Font Zoom Out Button. This button allows you to decrease the current font size.
Clear Screen. This button allows you to clear the contents of your chat screen.  Don't worry, it only affects your screen.
Float/Dock Button. This button allows you to float or dock the chat room.
Help Button. This button allows you access to the chat room help file.
Logout Button. This button will log you out of the chat room.

Image Emoticons

Emoticons are textual representations of emotions, for conveying feelings in an atmosphere where it would be difficult to express them otherwise. Certain text emoticons are recognized by SigmaChat and will automatically be translated into their image counterpart. To your right is a list of the default (stock) emoticons provided with SigmaChat. Simply type in text that you see in the second column, and the corresponding image (shown in the third column) will appear in the chat room. Your chat room operator may have added additional emoticons, or possibly removed some of the emoticons listed to the right.
Smile :)
Grin :D
Blink *)
Tongue :p
Sad :(
Angry :<
Unsure :?
Laugh lol
Smug :/
Surprised :o
Wink ;)

Audio Emoticons


Audio Emoticons, or Emotauds, work similar to image emoticons, except that instead of displaying an image, they play a sound for all to hear. To your left is a list of the default audio emoticons provided with SigmaChat. Your chat room operator may have added additional audio emoticons, or removed emoticons shown to the left. To find out which emoticons you have access to, right click in the area where you type your messages and select "Audio Emoticons", or click the Audio Emoticon button in the Button Toolbar.

Font Size

You may change the size of your font by accessing the right-click content menu. To do so, right click on the content area (the area where messages are displayed) and a small menu will appear. Select "Font Size" to show the font selections allowing you to change your font size. Click on the font size you'd like to use. You may also increase/decrease the size of the displayed text by using the Zoom-In and Zoom-Out buttons located in the Button Toolbar.

Text Color

Premium SigmaChat chat rooms may allow their users to change their own text color as it is displayed within the chat room. To change your text color, you may right click in the content area (where messages are displayed) and select "Colors". You may also access the color dialog by clicking the Color button within the Button Toolbar.

A sample color dialog is shown to the left. You may select a color directly from the web-safe palette, or you may manually adjust the red, green, and blue scrollbars to find the color that you wish to use. Click the Apply or OK button to apply your new color settings.

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