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Self-Care Excerpt from Don't Weight

Guaranteed Success

Since you are reading about Don't Weight, Eat Healthy and Get Moving NOW!, you are probably interested in healthy eating and fitness. You have probably worked toward these goals before. Perhaps in the past you ended up feeling like a failure when you did not follow through on your plans. Get ready for a new outlook on this old problem. With this fresh way of thinking, it is impossible to fail as you work toward your healthy lifestyle.

Yes, with this internally motivated process of self-care and self-acceptance you are guaranteed success! As long as you continue to participate in this process (which is very enjoyable and self-sustaining), you will continue to build your healthy lifestyle. Whatever you do (or don't do) when you look back on it, learn from it, and make a better plan, you are still on the path toward your goal. Throughout my writings, I will use examples from the lives of my clients and from my life to demonstrate new ways to look at old problems.

The Trampoline

This is a true story. It happened in the early 1980's, but what Karla learned is timeless. She wanted to add some fitness to her life. It seemed impossible. She had so little time with her small kids and a huge house to tend. When she saw an advertisement for a "rebounder", a mini trampoline for exercise, she thought it looked fun. She thought that perhaps something fun would help her stop being so lazy. She got the trampoline and put it in the basement by the washer and dryer. She could workout anytime she was waiting for a load of wash to finish. As the weeks went by, Karla did not use her trampoline. She continued to call herself "lazy" in her own head. "This is such a small thing to ask of myself. What kind of lazy slob am I that I can't do this one simple thing?" This made her feel worse and worse. She felt like a failure.

One day, as she stood waiting for the wash, she asked herself a new question: "I wonder what stops me from using the trampoline?" The answer just popped out. "I can't jump on that thing without a good bra. All my bras are upstairs in my room, two floors up!" With a smile on her face, Karla ran upstairs, got several bras, and put them on hooks right by the trampoline. The next time she was waiting for a load of wash to finish, she conveniently grabbed a fitness bra off the hook on the basement wall. She didn't even take time to undress. She just put the bra right over her T-shirt and started jumping. Yep, she looked silly, but she was exercising! She kept exercising. She has been using the same type of problem solving ever since. She has been exercising, one way or another, for the last twenty years.


This story demonstrates how pushing with willpower is not enough. It shows how problem-solving and enjoyment are the real keys to success. In this book you will learn more about this problem solving process. You will learn more about finding motivation that is positive, constructive and self-perpetuating. It is impossible to fail at this process of building your healthy lifestyle. When you try to make a change in your lifestyle, either you make the change, or you don't. If you make the change (and if the change is comfortable enough to live with long term) you have a new habit. Fine, you have succeeded.

If you try to make a change and do not follow through, you have not failed. You are just in the middle of the process. Your next step is to look at the reasons your plans did not work out. It will take time to figure out what got in the way. It will take creativity to overcome the obstacles. It all starts with asking yourself "What got in the way?" When you answer this question and learn how to get over, around, or through the obstacles, you are closer to your goals. You have just taken the next step toward your healthy life. You can take as many steps as you need. You are in the process of building your healthy lifestyle. Fine, you are in the middle of succeeding. Since this process is based on enjoyment and satisfaction, you will want to continue. Therefore, you will succeed.

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