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Self-Care Excerpt from Don't Weight

Process, Not Program

So, you want to eat healthy and get moving. You need to know what to do to accomplish this goal. There must be some program that will work for you. You have tried a hundred different food plans, diets, or nutritional programs. You have joined the gym or spa, paid your annual membership, then dropped out within a few weeks. What is going on? Where is the program that will finally work?

There is no program that will work. You will not find it at a seminar. It is not in a stack of audio-tapes. It is not even here in this book. There is no program that can tell you what to do to build your own healthy lifestyle. There is no external source for you to find what you need.

Don't worry, there is hope. The hope is inside of you. Learning to really listen to yourself and pay attention to what you need is the key. Yes, you can get good ideas from various programs. However, it is up to you to keep the ideas that are helpful and leave the ones that don't work for you. This is your own individual process, not a program.

Instead of following any one program, you will go through a process that is unique to you alone. In this book you will find tools, attitudes, motivations, behaviors, and skills to try out. You will also find encouragement for you to follow your own individual process.

How can you make use of all the wonderful information available on healthy living and not feel like you are participating in another "program"? Change the WAY you look at the experts. When you participate in a self-help group, take a fitness class, talk to a therapist, read a book on nutrition, watch a talk show, hear a news story, or see an infomercial, remember one fact: They may be experts in their fields, but there is only one real expert on the subject of you. That expert is YOU!

Teachers, instructors, counselors are consultants that you hire in order to get ideas and information. Books, talk shows, and seminars are places you look for information. You are in charge of trying out the new things that you have learned and deciding if they work for you. Every exercise, whether it is physical, emotional, or intellectual, is just an opportunity to experiment and see what effect it has on you. Tune in to yourself. How does it feel? Does it seem useful? Does it cause a problem? You decide. You are the expert on you.

There is nobody on earth who has the same needs as you do. There is nobody who knows you better than you know yourself. So, logically, you should be the one that you depend on as you go through the process of building your own healthy lifestyle.

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