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Self-Care Excerpt from Don't Weight

New ways of thinking about old problems.

You can try out new behaviors. You can experiment with new motivations. This is a living, changing process, not just a program that you follow. Nobody else will travel exactly the same road that you will.

Most of the time, when people think of "eating plans", they think of a program that defines what to eat, portion size, when to eat, and other requirements of the program. By definition, a program has requirements and parameters that are set by some expert. Those who follow a program are supposed to learn the rules of the program and incorporate those rules into daily life. On any given day, you are either "on the program", or "off the program". You are either doing what the expert has told you to do, or you are not. When following a program, you always have a measuring stick available to tell how you are doing. The problem is, this measuring stick is usually used to criticize yourself and damage your self-esteem.

I do not offer a "program" for healthy eating and fun fitness. Instead, I offer a set of choices, tools, exercises, and insights. I propose or recommend new ways of looking at things and different actions to take. Each person will try these options in a different order and for a different length of time. Each person will select what works for them and what does not. No two people will choose the same path. This is your process for individual change. Your process will be unique. You have a very qualified expert to help you make the best choices ... that expert is you.

Keep an open mind as you choose your focus for each week. It is valuable to write down your goals. Writing goals is not a tool to force yourself to do something. It is a tool to increase your awareness of your ever-changing goals. You will not make a vow to achieve a specific goal no matter what. Instead you will keep adjusting your goals until they are just right for you and your life.

Sometimes you will do just as you planned. Sometimes you will not do as you had intended. That does not mean you failed. That means you have something to learn. IT IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU NEED. Was the goal more complicated than you had originally thought? Do you need to do something else before you can accomplish your original goal? If so, then you need to change your goal to reflect the new information.

I encourage you to select some action to take EACH WEEK that will affect your feelings, your fitness, and your healthy eating. Please only choose one small doable action or focus in each area. (If you try to do too many things, you will be overwhelmed.) When you write down your intentions at the beginning of each week, you will have something to reflect on at the end of each week. You will have the benefit of hindsight as you look back and compare your intentions with your real life. Did you do as you intended? What helped? What got in the way? Was there something you needed to do first, before you could accomplish your goal? How can you set yourself up to achieve your goals next week?

Keep thinking.

Continue to be creative and try out new choices.

Set your goals and keep improving on the goals that you set.

Listen to yourself.

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