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Self-Care Excerpt from Don't Weight

A Dangerous Myth

Do you believe you are totally responsible for your body size? If you think you only need to try hard enough and you will reach your "goal weight", then you are the victim of a dangerous myth.

Body size is determined by many factors. You do have control of some of these factors (like building a comfortable healthy lifestyle that is not some rigid "program".) You do not have control of many other factors that determine body size. Therefore, you are not responsible for your body size. You are responsible for the lifestyle you build for yourself!

People with healthy lifestyles come in all sizes!

If weight loss is your primary goal, every act becomes an exercise in self-criticism. When healthy living is your primary goal, every act becomes an exercise in self-nurturing.

The myth that we have the power to control our body size has caused much pain and suffering. Don't be a victim of the myth. Don't teach this myth to others. There is something you can do to stop being a victim of this myth.

Build a comfortable healthy lifestyle because you deserve to take care of yourself, NOT to lose weight.

You are responsible for your behavior. You are not responsible for your body size. You can find peace of mind and wellness, whatever size is natural for you. You can encourage others to do the same.

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