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Self-Care Excerpt from Don't Weight

Procrastination: the third of three tools to end it!

There are entire books dedicated to this one subject. I include this topic because procrastination is often one of the problems that gets in the way of healthy living and self-care. I want to give you the second of three ideas to help reduce procrastination.

3.) Add one more client to the list of those who deserve your attention.

Doing things for your family, for your job, for your community, for your friends, for your church, etc. is commendable. It is good to do these things. When you think of it, each of us is like the executive who manages the departments of our lives and who has many clients. I have a proposal for you. In order to reduce procrastination, add one more client to your list. Yes, that is what I said. I want you to ADD another client to your already overloaded client list. As a matter of fact, I encourage you to add this client and put this client right at the top of the list because this is your most important client. Without the good health and well being of this client, everybody else on your list will not get the proper attention either. Have you guessed yet? Do you know who this new client is? Yes, I want you to add yourself to your list of clients.

I am not encouraging selfishness. I do not want you to ignore your other clients. I simply want you to add a client. If a family member, or co-worker, or neighbor, or friend, or church member, or someone else needed to be added to your list, you would do it. Well, I am telling you that there is someone who desperately needs your attention. It is your new client, your most important client. It is you.

Oftentimes it is not truly procrastination that stops us from doing the tasks in our lives. Sometimes it is that our priorities keep us running in so many directions that we could never accomplish all that we expect of ourselves. Sometimes we are drained dry from all the demands of tending others. I propose that you reduce procrastination by putting yourself at the top of the list of people who deserve your attention. Do the things that YOU need to get done. Feel your own accomplishments. Schedule in your own enjoyment and rejuvenation activities so that you will keep your gas tank full. (Interestingly, this will help rejuvenate you and end up allowing you to have more energy and attention to give to others in the long run.)

"Add one more client" is the third of three unusual ideas for reducing procrastination. Good. New ideas have a good chance of making a difference. To reduce procrastination, you will hear more about the other three following ideas:

7.) Just start!

8.) Dangle a carrot or fill your gas tank, whichever you need.

9.) Add one more client to your list: that client is YOU.

Remember, you choose. You experiment. You assess the effectiveness of your choice. If it worked, enjoy. If your choice did not work, just try again with another choice!

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