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Plus-Size Fitness Excerpt from Don't Weight

How Can Exercise Make Such a Difference in the Quality of Life?

Let me tell you some facts about regular exercise. Think about your joints. You know that most of the joints of the body have cartilage. Did you know that your cartilage does not have any blood circulating in it? Your cartilage relies on a substance called synovial fluid to provide nutrients and wash away waste products. The only thing that causes your synovial fluid to circulate in your joints is movement! That is why we feel stiff when we sit around too much. That is why we have healthier joints when we move.

Now, think about your heart. Yeah, yeah, we all know exercise is good for your heart. But, why? Because your heart beats more slowly when you are more fit. What is so good about a slower heart rate? Blood only circulates through the heart muscle between heartbeats. When your heart rate is slower, you have more time between beats. Your heart has more nutrients available and has more waste products washed away. When you are fit, you have improved your own body's ability to strive for optimal heart health.

Finally, think about your life. So often life is filled with things over which we have no control. Sometimes it feels like we are being run over by a truck. Taking action to improve our lives helps us to feel empowered. Feeling like we can have an effect prevents us from being victims. Moving and using our own bodies is one small action we can do.

When you add enjoyable safe activity to your daily life, you may be small, medium, or large. You definitely will be healthier and feel better. Many scientific studies have proved that fitness helps people to stay younger, heal faster, and be more able to meet life's challenges.

If you like yourself the way you are, you deserve the benefits of fitness. If you do not like yourself the way you are, you might want to get to know and love yourself through movement.

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