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Plus-Size Fitness Excerpt from Don't Weight

O.K.? So HOW do I Get Moving?

We all know that regular exercise is an important part of good health. You will feel better and improve the functioning of your body in many ways through regular exercise. Yeah, yeah, we all know that, but it still does not make it any easier to do it! Well, here are some tips for you that will make it easier for you to get moving.

  1. Don't make a commitment to daily exercise ...Make a commitment to something easier! You do not have to find the willpower to exercise daily. Yes, that is what I said. You do not have to talk yourself into doing your workout each day. You only have to talk yourself into getting dressed and doing your warm-up. It only takes about ten minutes to dress and warm-up. It is much easier to convince yourself to this one small task, even if you are tired or stressed or lethargic. Once you are warmed up, you will probably want to do the rest of your workout. When your body gets moving, moving feels good. A body in motion tends to stay in motion. A body at rest tends to stay at rest. Make a commitment to dressing and warming up ... after that your workout will just naturally follow!
  2. You can increase your chances of dressing and warming up tomorrow if you take one simple action today. Get your clothes together today for tomorrow's workout. If you workout in the morning, put your sneakers and sweats where you will see them and put them on first thing in the morning. If you go to a class, pack your gym bag or swim bag ahead of time. Once you have already prepared for your workout, you are much more likely to follow through and do it!
  3. The solution is in the structure. If you hope to exercise each day, but the days slip by and somehow it just doesn't happen, welcome to the human race. Life is often unpredictable. Something comes up or time flies by and the next thing you know, the day is over and you are hoping to exercise tomorrow. Over the years, I have seen clients overcome these normal human tendencies using two simple techniques:
    • Give yourself a workout first thing in your day. This ensures that you will exercise before anything can happen to get in the way. You will also have more energy and a brighter mood to face the challenges of the day.
    • Join a class so you have a regular workout scheduled into your day. This provides the structure that ensures you will take the time for your daily exercise. You don't have to figure out when you will workout. Your day is structured to include the workout for you!
  4. Human beings are social creatures. You are more than twice as likely to succeed if you include a friend in your fitness plans. If you walk in the morning, walk with a friend or join a walking club at a local mall. If you join a class, get a friend to join with you. There will be times when you might cancel if it was just up to you. When you workout with a friend, you are more likely to stick to your plan because you do not want to let your friend down. Exercising with a friend is a wonderful thing to do for you and for your friend.

Whatever your fitness level, whatever your age, whatever your medical condition, your body heals faster and functions better when you get moving. This is a great gift to give yourself. You deserve to feel better about your body and your life!

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