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Plus-Size Fitness Excerpt from Don't Weight

If You Can Walk, Then Walk.

We often hear experts say; "Walking requires no special facilities and no special equipment." This is an oversimplification. That's a problem. If you think a task is simple, and it is really complicated, then you are not likely to succeed. You will probably blame yourself. So let's get real about walking as a workout. When you realistically look at the obstacles, you have the best chance of overcoming them.

When you walk: Finding the right time in your day to take your walk is important. I find that my clients who walk first thing in the morning are twice as likely to continue walking as people who plan to walk in the evening are. That does not mean that you must walk in the morning to be successful. It just means that it gives you a better chance. I have found the best thing about a morning walk is that it starts your day off on a positive note. You start your day FEELING yourself move through time and space. You FEEL yourself make physical progress through your world. Also, you do not have the stress of figuring out when you will take care of yourself and exercise. You already did it.

If your schedule requires that you walk in the middle or at the end or your day, you will need to give yourself specific structure to avoid skipping workouts. The reason you need structure if you are going to walk during your day is that "stuff happens". It is too easy to say that you will walk later. Pretty soon later is the end of the day and you have missed your workout. Plan to walk at a specific time.

Many people find that walking during the first half of the lunch hour works well. Some people walk after work or later in the day. I had a client who walked out the door of his workplace and just kept walking. (He did not just walk away from his job. He walked toward his fitness.) He kept walking. Every evening he just kept walking, for a half-hour to an hour, until he found himself back at his workplace parking lot. Then he got in his car and drove home. He said that he arrived home relaxed, decompressed from work, and ready to appreciate his family (and his dinner.) He has been walking for years now. With the money he saves by not joining a gym, he and his wife go on a tropical vacation every winter.

For your well being, I recommend working out on most days. Of course, there are many ways to workout. You may want to check back to the section called "A Menu for Movement" that is earlier in this same chapter. If walking is your primary choice for exercise, you can start out walking twice a week. That is enough to feel a difference in your fitness but not overwhelm your schedule. Once you have started working out a few times a week, you are ready to start asking yourself an important question:

Did I workout yesterday?

If not, then I WILL workout TODAY.

If you did workout yesterday, you can choose whether or not you want to workout today. By asking yourself this question (and working out today if you did not workout yesterday) you will not drop the ball and accidentally miss several day's exercise. Gradually, as you get your life adjusted, you can increase your walking from a few days a week to most days of the week. If you are mixing walking with other exercises, you can gradually increase until you are doing some exercise on most days.

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