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Plus-Size Fitness Excerpt from Don't Weight

How You Dress When You Walk

Another way to reduce negative feelings about yourself is to take care of and take pride in your body. Let's start with how you dress yourself. If you are plus-size you probably have flesh that jiggles. (At the right time, and in the right place, I hope you learn to appreciate and enjoy your jiggling self. There is nothing wrong with flesh that moves! Actually, it can be quite delightful. Jiggling flesh can be like a wave of life, laughter, moving, and being, that stirs through your whole body.) However, when you walk, jiggling can cause discomfort or chaffing.

Let's talk about your thighs. Both men and women have thighs that rub together when walking. You can tell if this applies to you by looking at your pants. If your pants wear out in the inner thighs, then you need this next bit of advice. When walking, wear shorts or tights that are slippery and supportive. For guys, these are sometimes called biker shorts or biker pants. For women they are called shorts, capris, or leggings. There are many fabrics that are slippery, elastic, and supportive. A familiar fabric is nylon spandex. There are others like Cool Max, Quick Wick, and others. The important thing is that the fabric helps support soft flesh, prevent rubbing / chaffing, and is comfortable.

If you are a woman, wear a supportive sports bra. If you cannot find a bra that stops you from bouncing, wear two bras. I'm not kidding. You may feel a little claustrophobic at first, but when you are walking, it feels great to walk without bouncing. (You can take the bras off as soon as you are done.) Whether you are a guy or gal, you can have problems with jiggling chest and belly. For guys try a fitted nylon spandex undershirt for support under your T-shirt or sweats. When you tuck your spandex undershirt into your bike shorts or pants you will get double support for your belly. For women, wearing a leotard can add extra support to both belly and breasts. When you add a leotard to your supportive tights or leggings, you get double support for your belly. Over your support layer of choice, you can wear any T-shirt, sweatshirt, or pants you want. You can choose baggy or fitted. There are no rules except your comfort. You can cover-up or uncover. It is up to you.

With your chest, belly, and legs supported, finally I want to comment on shoes. Even if you are just walking a short distance, it is necessary to have shoes that support your arches, stabilize your feet, and absorb shock. It is time to get new shoes when your heels start to wear on the outside or your foot slides to the outside of the shoe. Wearing quality shoes that are not worn out may prevent an injury. Your feet are the foundation for your whole body when you stand or walk. You need good shoes. Occasionally, I work with a client who is very large and who has stopped wearing shoes because it is too difficult to find shoes that fit. Especially if you are large or very large, you need the support of shoes that fit your feet when you walk. If you stop wearing shoes, you will probably soon stop walking. Especially if you find it difficult to wear shoes, you need good shoes to keep your mobility. Even if you never leave the house, you need good shoes.

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