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Plus-Size Fitness Excerpt from Don't Weight

Solutions to Swimming Problems! (2)

  • Buy a really BIG towel and bring it with you, especially in the locker room. You may be comfortable in the locker room. You may be able to walk through the spaces between the benches and the lockers. The locker room at your pool may fit you. But sometimes the towels do not. It can be very uncomfortable to try to dry off with a towel that is too small. (Remember that your body is fine. It is the towel that is too small!) You can solve this problem and feel comfortable if you bring your own fluffy large towel. Wrapping your towel, that you KNOW will fit around yourself, is like giving yourself a hug.
  • Put your suit on at home, if you prefer. If you have problems with the locker room, don't let that stop you from using the pool. You can put your suit on at home and toss something on over your suit that goes on and comes off easily. For the women, you can use a top and skirt for this purpose (there is less wrestling than with pants.) In the summer, you can get delightful dresses that just toss on and off over your swimsuit. For the men and anyone who prefers pants, you will find that a baggy sweatshirt and sweatpants will work fine in cooler weather. Loose fitting cotton will work fine in warmer weather. Once you are at the pool with your suit on underneath, it will be easy for you to pull off your outer clothes and just enjoy your swim. After your swim, you can towel off with the big fluffy towel you brought and toss on the easy clothes you wore into the pool. Yes, you will still be wearing your damp suit until you get home. Yes, your car ride will be soggy. However, this may cause you to enjoy the next part even more. Just think how delightful you will feel as you peel your suit off in your own room and take your well-exercised body into your own warm comfortable shower. AHHhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
  • Call around and find a pool with steps and railing instead of a ladder to get in and out of the pool. If you have any problem that would make it difficult for you to use those tiny little ladders, don't apologize for your difficulty. Instead, accept your body and meet your needs. If you need steps and a railing, call around and see if you can find a pool that has them. Some pools even have elevators that are designed for wheel chairs! You may or may not find what you need. But at least you will know that you looked. You never know, if enough people keep asking for steps and railings, your local pool may install them!

You may be able to look within yourself and find other obstacles to swimming or water exercise. If you do, don't tell yourself that those obstacles are "silly" or "foolish" or "ridiculous" (these are words that I often hear people say about themselves.) Instead, accept your reactions as valid. There are real reasons that you feel the way you do. Listen to yourself and understand what gets in your way of water fitness. Then you have a chance of solving the problems so that you can enjoy water fitness.

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