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Plus-Size Fitness Excerpt from Don't Weight

At Home Fitness Equipment

They can be found all over the place. The most expensive clothes racks ever purchased. You have seen them time and time again sitting in the bedroom, spare room, even in the living room, with clothes hanging all over them. (I have even seen them used as plant hangers.) Yes, I'm commenting on home exercise equipment. It is not always that way. It does not have to be that way. I tell my clients who choose to buy home exercise equipment to select items with at least a 90-day return policy. Then, if they are not using the equipment regularly by the time three months have gone by, I suggest they return it.

That is one way to prevent over-expensive overqualified clothes racks from taking over your house. Next, let's consider actually USING home exercise equipment. If you want convenience and privacy for your workout, this may be a good way to meet your needs. Here are some tips that may help you choose the right home exercise equipment for you:

  • NEVER BUY FITNESS EQUIPMENT ON IMPULSE! If it is sold now, and it is quality equipment, then it will be sold when you are ready to buy. Wait a few days and take time to prepare for success. If you don't want the equipment after a few days, you did not really want it in the first place.
  • BEFORE you go out and spend money on equipment, set up your life and make time for your workout. If you plan to exercise in the morning, solve the scheduling, sleep, and lifestyle issues necessary to succeed at morning workouts. Similarly, for midday or evening workouts, you need to set up your life in order to succeed at fitting your workout into your day. When you make time in your life for fitness before you buy home exercise equipment, you are more likely to use that equipment.
  • BEFORE you go out and spend money on equipment, set up your house to make room for your workout. Select your location carefully. Pay attention to how the workout environment feels. Note the view, the light or brightness, and the temperature of the room. Think about other people who live in the house. Will you be able to exercise at your intended time when you consider noise? If you want privacy, can you find a time and place in your home without people watching you. You must have a place to put your home exercise equipment if you are to succeed at using it.
  • BEFORE you go out and spend money, try out the equipment that you are considering buying at a health club or at the store. Don't just hop on and see how it feels. Use it. Try using the equipment for at least five minutes. How does it feel on your back and your knees? Can you relax while using the equipment? If you feel muscle tension and cannot relax, that tension may cause injury at worst and an unpleasant experience at least. If it is too boring to use for this brief time, you will probably not be able to force yourself to do the exercise for a half-hour at a time.
  • BEFORE you purchase equipment, make sure that the equipment you are considering is rated to hold your weight. Sometimes you need to pay more for the sturdiness you need. You do not want to workout on wobbly dangerous equipment.
  • BEFORE you purchase equipment, think about the type of workout that you have enjoyed in the past. If you liked walking before, consider a treadmill. If you liked working out on weight machines at the health club, try one of the many weight machines using resistance from elastic materials.
  • BEFORE you purchase equipment, know yourself. Do you prefer to listen to music, think, read, or watch TV when you exercise? Then choose equipment that will compliment your preference. Will you be able to hear your music over the noise of the machine? Can you put a TV in the same room? If you need quiet to think, is the machine of your choice quiet enough?

After you have thought about and experienced the considerations mentioned above, then you have the best chance of buying the right home exercise equipment for you. After you have purchased your home exercise equipment, use the concepts and tools described previously in this chapter to help you succeed at getting fit.

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