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Plus-Size Fitness Excerpt from Don't Weight

Sixty Proven Benefits of Exercise

Here is a list of benefits you will receive when you become more active. The organization of the list is from Health Magazine, in their March 2000 issue. The contents of the list could have come from the conversations of people in my exercise classes. Over the years I have heard every one of these comments and more. In our Fitness with Bliss(tm) classes, we workout in order to improve the function of our bodies and for wellness (not with body critical goals of weight loss). I appreciate all that my class members have taught me about the benefits of fitness.

Over the years, class members of "Fitness with Bliss(tm)" have told me of the many benefits they have experienced from getting more fit.


1. Bad cholesterol

2. Total cholesterol

3. Other blood fats

4. Risk of dangerous blood clots

5. Heart attack risk

6. Difficulty breathing due to heart disease

7. Illness and absence from work

8. Hospitalizations

9. Risk of colon cancer

10. Risk of developing breast cancer

11. Medical and healthcare expenses

12. Non-insulin dependent diabetics need for medication


13. Endorphin production

14. Insulin sensitivity

15. Insulin effectiveness

16. Glucose tolerance

17. Good (HDL) cholesterol

18. The elimination of artery clogging proteins

19. Blood volume

20. Amount of blood being pumped with each beat

21. The chance of surviving a second heart attack

22. Body's ability to use minerals and vitamins more efficiently

23. Lung capacity

24. Oxygen carrying capacity

25. Stamina

26. Bone density

27. Thickness of cartilage in joints

Exercise IMPROVES:

28. Sleep

29. Sense of well being

30. Sense of self worth

31. Joy in life

32. Connectedness with the world

33. Libido

34. Sexual performance and satisfaction

35. Creativity

36. Ability to eat more and gain less

37. Immune system function

38. Circulation

39. Tolerance to heat and cold

40. Posture

41. Efficiency of cardiovascular system

42. Short-term memory

43. Athletic performance

Exercise HELPS:

44. Speed recovery from chemotherapy treatments

45. Anxiety

46. Relieve back pain

47. Overcome jet-lag

48. Alleviate depression

49. Reduce the vulnerability of abnormal heart rhythms

50. Flexibility

51. Lower your resting heart rate

52. Alleviate PMS symptoms

53. Induce relaxation

54. Promote bowel regularity

55. Reduce and prevent menopausal hot flashes

56. Reduce and prevent menopausal sleep disturbances

57. Reduce and prevent menopausal irritability

58. Anger management

59. Relieve and prevent migraine headaches

60. Reduce risk of endometriosis

Find your own motivation to exercise
from the above list,


Find your own motivation inside of yourself.
(Avoid the body-critical motivation of weight loss.)

Above are 60 positive, self-sustaining reasons to keep exercise in your life. Tune in to your own positive reasons. Write down your own individual reasons. Read your list and own it. Increase your awareness of your constructive motivation so that you will be less likely to get sucked into the body-critical motivation of weight loss. You will see the link between exercise and weight loss everywhere. It is in the media and in the medical recommendations. But you know from your life experience that if you link exercise to weight loss, you will probably stop exercising when you go off your weight loss "program". When you do NOT link your exercise to weight loss, you will be more likely to KEEP exercise in your life, independent of your weight.

"Weight loss is not necessary to gain health benefits from exercise" was the headline on November 18, 1999 in NEW YORK (Reuters Health) -- Even if you don't lose weight, you can still gain health benefits from exercising, according to a report presented at the annual meeting of the North American Association for the Study of Obesity, in Charleston, South Carolina. "Exercise is doing a lot of good whether you lose weight or not," Dr. Steven Blair of the Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas, told Reuters Health in an interview. At the meeting, Blair presented a review of several scientific studies that show a health benefit in people who exercise but are overweight. Blair said, "Overweight or even obese individuals who are fit have a much lower death rate than normal-weight individuals who are unfit."

Whatever your size, age, ability or disability,
just because it is good for you,
independent of your weight!

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