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What is Fitness with Bliss™?

It is t he BIGGEST Selection of Plus Size Workouts in Video and DVD!

Even if you are large or very large, you CAN workout.  I will show you how. 

This is the Real People Workout!

All TWELVE different Fitness with Bliss workouts focus on SELF-APPRECIATION as you exercise!  This is key to improved body image and self-esteem.  It is also key to continuing your fit lifestyle ... it FEELS good both physically and emotionally.

Check out the "Which Workout Is For You" questionnaire and find out which of these videos is best suited to your personal needs and fitness goals.

TEN of the workouts are
about 30 minutes long

With these shorter workouts, you are more likely to fit your workout into your day.  Select a combination of short and sweet 30 minute workouts on VHS video or DVD to build your complete fitness program. Order three videos or a DVD package to get a discount and build your complete fitness program.

    1.)  Aerobic activity:  Move rhythmically until you breathe heavily (no mystery, any activity that burns oxygen is aerobic activity.)
    2.)  Tone your muscles by pushing or pulling weight in a controlled manner (lucky for us our body weight is available for this task!)
    3.)  Relax and stretch out those warm muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

      Or choose a great HOUR long
      workout that has it all: 

For more variety and other plus size fitness videos check out my Plus Size Yellow Pages and look in the "PlusSize Fitness" section.  To find comfortable supportive clothes to wear when you workout, look in "Sportswear".


Where can you find TONS of information on HOW to get moving & KEEP moving for a lifetime? 

In Chapter Three of

Don't Weight, Eat Healthy and Get Moving NOW!


If you live in or visit the Philadelphia area, check out Kelly's Philly Class Schedule.  We meet four times a week and have a BLAST!  Please come join us whenever you can. 

First class is always FREE. 
You gotta see this workout to believe it!


If you are a fitness professional interested in learning more about Size-Friendly Fitness TM,
contact me for individual training or workshops for your facility.  Also check out these useful articles.


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