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Fitness Success Stories

Read what has happened in other people's lives as they made healthy lifestyle changes. These are stories about feeling better and improving self-esteem. These are stories about making your LIFE better, not just changing your measurements.

All stories have been printed with the permission of the authors and with names changed for anonymity.

My Feet | From Wheel Chair to Dancing | Painless Shower | Raring To Go

My Feet [TOP]

As a nurse, I'm on my feet pretty much constantly for twelve hours at time during a shift. When Kelly told me about the stretch where I elevate my leg and do some ankle circles in the air, I figured it was, well, just another exercise. I was really surprised and impressed to find that it helped immensely with that "ready to explode" feeling my legs had after standing. It really helped a lot with my foot pain too.
I think that lots of large people could benefit from this after a day of shopping, housework, etc. I was convinced that I just had to live with my leg pain (because I'm large!) What a great feeling to find out that is not the case!
Thanks, Toni

From Wheel Chair to Dancing [TOP]

One summer, Linda attended a conference called Fat Gala. It was held in a beautiful hotel with great long expansive hallways. I was surprised to see Linda being pushed down the hall in a wheel chair. It turned out that she had had several surgeries in the last few years and walking was now too difficult. At the end of the conference we talked a bit. It was scary and depressing for Linda to feel her body able to move less and less. Before her surgeries she had been working out regularly with weight training and swimming. After her surgeries her healing incisions made that impossible. Fear of infection kept her out of the pool, pain kept her away from the weights.

It was difficult for Linda to even think of other ways to workout. Linda weighs over 500 pounds. She is not about to start power walking, stairmaster, or step aerobics. She didn't quit. She got creative. We looked at her great belly and decided it was not the problem. It was part of the solution to getting more fit.

I remember our first personal training session. I told her to think of her belly as her own personal weight training machine. We started a sit and be fit aerobic weight training program. Based on the premise: "the more you move, the more you will be able to move", Linda got moving. She started "house walking". She would put on some fun music and walk with her best posture around her own house. Soon she began walking around the supermarket using the cart for support.

She looked at her environment and made it more ergonomically correct. She spends many hours on the phone. To pamper her neck she got a headset phone. Working on her computer was less hurtful to her back when she got a lap top. Linda got stronger.

Two years later, at the same Fat Gala event, Linda walked up and down those long hallways all week long. At the end of the week there was a dance. When my own knees hurt too bad for me to dance, I decided to have fun watching other people. I noticed Linda dancing. I started to keep count. Linda danced twenty dances! Go girl!

Painless Shower [TOP]

I have been suffering with back pain for months, to the extent that I was hurting by the time I was a third of the way through my shower. I ordered several of Kelly's videos, and started with the one on back stretches. After doing the video, which I enjoyed thoroughly, I took a shower. Between the exercise and what I had learned about posture from the video, I took my first painless shower in a very long time!
Smiling Karen

Raring To Go [TOP]

I have been taking Kelly's aerobics class for almost a year now, and I have noticed SO many changes!
A month ago, I went to New Orleans for three days during which I walked all day nearly every day. Although the other people in my group were pooped and had to rest in the afternoons, I was still raring to go!

More recently, I spent about four hours doing yardwork (mostly raking leaves out of my sharply sloping front yard), and not only did I not have any back pain as usual this time of year, but also I NEVER lost my balance!

I have always been the "fat girl" who is "out of shape." Well, these days my shape is pretty much the same (nice and round!), but it's a lot stronger and more flexible!

Thank you Kelly!

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